(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016 ( Zoua, the OutRyder )

We are taught to want things, which will make us happy, fulfill us, or make us one up on those around us. The name of this drive is competition, and self-pleasure.

Competition in the Outside is the sport idea of competition, you compete against someone, something, or against yourself, so you know you are the best you can be.

Winning means we have glory, pride, and happiness over beating others; we don’t want to collaborate, we want to go for the jugular, and beat our competition down. This is a heavy negative of the Outside.

This is a picture of self-reward, and self-pleasure; other ways people compete with each other: 1. who has the best auto, 2. who cooks the best, 3. who plays games the best, 4. who has the best sounds equipment, 5. and so on.

All of this is to make others jealous, and wishing they were you, but they can’t be for you’re one of kind in your fields of living, no one is as good as you.

What does this psychology build: war, death, destruction, negative work places, anger, crime, self-pleasure, at being the best, and so on.

The Outside uses this to hook you into putting your inner center, out in things you cannot control, even if you can for a time, in the end, the Outside not only makes others miserable, but the winner, as well, for they lose to someone better.

The Outside is all things that are done outside of you, and that wants to draw you in, so you spend your precious experiences, in trying to control the actions of the Outside, geared to build riches, and to have power over others.

The Outside is allure, of the pleasures to be found in the interactions of the paradigms running in the Outside, or patterns, which make you put your inner center, in playing the game, and the more you try to win and have total control of the game, the more of you- you  put into it, so you’re simply a pawn, a disposable pawn of the Outside. This is King of the Hill complex.

The more of you- you put into the game, the only happiness you have, is if you win in the game, and you’re continually staking our new expansions, where you can win or lose within the game.

All those games, hooked into the Outside, which may attack yours, and make the game your playing subservient to it; now, you are split in psychology, the more you lose, the more you turn inward, blaming yourself, for not being good enough. You don’t see that you are caught up in the corrupting influence and demand of the Outside, all the games etc., being played, by people, who believe they have command of the game, the Outside, and the Outside lets you/them believe this- until it reverses what you won, and makes you a slave to it.

Getting things, rewards, honors from a competitive psychology, means you isolate yourself, to only what is right for you matters, and even when you play with others, your first thought is how it will effect you and your winning streak.

Let go of the need to win in competition, and build interactive scenarios, where everyone, wins, or gets out of the action, what they see as good for them.

May the Microcosmic Force, be with you here and now!