(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder  )


Axinite is the favorite gem of Loki, god of trouble, and it has to fight this nature to be the gem, to be used on healing sticks, etc.

Axinite in healing with the gem, is placed on, or preferably above the one in need of healing, then the gems are destroyed, and are splintered easily, because of their brittleness.

Axinite is the gem to use to break up the leftovers of a bad romance, marriage, etc., put on a piece of paper, the ones to be unbound, and then destroy the gem.

Axinite is, also, used to break up bad thoughts of one on oneself. Have person see the reflection of the bad areas, they see within themselves, and have them destroy the gem.

Axinite is a gem, for the beginning naturist, nudist, etc., so their fears, etc., are transformed by the busting of the gem.

Axinite is used by those who see themselves in magic, but Axinite isn’t a low level gem, when being used, and it only wants pure love and doing, try anything else, and it simply won’t work, or it will send what you try to put into it, into the ground.