Interlude #1, and etc.

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Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

It has come to my attention, in the last month or so, that individual blackops/et abduction training, for nefarious activities isn’t the only kind.

I have seen a family of assassins, from the children, on up, to everyone in the household, and none of them know anything about how they are being used.

Knowledge travels on!

This family has now let go of the assassins and realize they are healers, now the question is, were they assassins, who were trained for a new way within the blackops, or were they always healers, and the assassins label, was done for psychological warfare!.


# 89 Calcite

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Calcite- is the 3d form of being able to see in all directions of a form, much like cubism, but can be more realistic.

Calcite- is a sculptor’s sorcerer stone, for it helps in its formation, as well helps the sculptor.

Calcite- helps the sculptor, get into his work, and helps models see him/her for a brief time -possible lover.

Calcite- is a heavy dose of sexuality!

Calcite- helps designers, fashion designers, music designers, architects, etc., to focus and use the total of their creative genius.

Calcite- works with nudists and naturists, and any who love going naked, to be a living sculpture.

Calcite- is a protector of call girls, strippers, prostitutes, call males, sex therapist, and any who enjoy the passions of their bodymind.

Calcite- utilizes the magic of the 5 color Rainbow, in doing all it does, ergo, it is a psychic an spiritual talisman, as well.

# 120 The Emergenteers

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The Emergenteers are those porn stars, call girls, female musicians, film stars, tv stars, ( all of these are females ), creative artists, dancers, politicians, psychologists, writers, soft sciences, medical and more ( all are female )

The Emergenteers are to be a new race here upon the Earth, and they will oversee, the interactions of all beings and non-living beings on the Earth, helping them to become all they can be.

They are a beautiful race, in many ways, like the fictional Elves, who have long lives, and who can regenerate, out of the same bodymind, they were born with, until its time for this bodymind to become individual in its own right.

The Emergenteers will have their own land; and will be separated from humans, and other races, and non-living races. They will have communication between them and the humans, etc., but they will not have to be among them, which is better for both human and Emergenteers.

The Emergenteers will have great powers, and will use them in a building way, and not a destructive way. They will have their own laws, etc., and the humans have no say in that, nor do the Emergenteets have the right to interfere with human lifestyles, but if there is violence, crime, etc., they will interact to protect the innocent.

Any attempt by anyone to attack, trying to undercut them and their race, shall be taken care of by the Emergenteers. themselves.

It works in the same way with humans.

The Awakeneers are a new race, too. We will go over them at a later date.

# 88 Goshenite ( Beryl )

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Goshenite is used, for glass lenses, and appropriately so, because it is the gem of total truth, with no tack, only total truth. Be sure you can stand to have the answer, before you ask the question.

Goshenite is a great , gem, for education, film, TV, cable, computers, glasses, inventors, mechanical jobs and so on.

Goshenite laying about; you will be able to tell lies from truth, by trusting your feelings.

Goshenite is great for political debates, for the lies shine forth, and the truth does the same.

Goshenite is great for charging china, making it even more beautiful, than it is.

Goshenite is good for microscopes, telescopes, satellites ( like Hubble ), and space.

Goshenite is good to have, when we put a rocket into space, and when we have consumer rides out into space.

Goshenite is good for self-mining, to bring forth what’s bothering you, or your repressing, and so on.

Goshenite is good for sports, racing, field and track, and any competition, gambling, and so on.

Goshenite is good for creating beautiful sleep dreams, always positive. for you self-growth.

# 119 Man/woman problems

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Man/woman problems are old as the ancient ages; where men were over women, because they hunted, and put their lives on the line.

Women were seen as lower than men, and were seen as second to men, and then, the male children. They showed their subservience to the chief of the group, by taking care of the children, the food, the sexual appetites of the men, skin the kills, fed the men first, and stayed in line in the order of authority, where the chief’s woman was over the rest of the women, so this can be said to be the first pecking order, found in groups.

Men throughout the ages, have seen women as lower than they, and even lower than the children they bear. However, they know they have power over women, by threatening their children, threaten her or her children with continual violence ( especially when the man uses drugs and alcohol ), and force her to be subservient to his manhood.

Today, even among the superstars of film and tv, women are paid less than men, even if they bring in the dollars, from the audience loving the movie.

This is true throughout societies, women are less than men, so they can be paid less, for they have to keep food on the table for the children, and her man.

The man sees himself as king of the family; his wife is there to serve him, and do what he orders her to,. this is found in every level of men and women interactions.

Men see women as simply sexual objects, and they talk about them as if they were all whores, etc.. This is true of men who look at porn, then call the women whores, but simply see the naked men as being stallions, because they can please, so many women.

This sexual putdown is found in spiritual organizations, not all, but many, where a woman cannot be a priest, minister, rabbi, etc.. Yet they are the most devoted to the spirit of the church/etc., they go to.

Men have no problem in killing women, because she turned on him, her king, her reason for being, and makes him look like a fool, so the only way he can make her pay, is to kill her, rape her or etc.. Men murder women, torment them, and expect them to do as they say.

Man and woman problems start here, on how the man or the woman look at their opposite sex- if they see only a bully, then that is how the relations go, where the woman is supposed to be subservient to any man.

The auntoritarian family ( Wilhelm Reich ) continues this fallacy, making the man the leader of the pack, and the woman and her children vassals to do what is ordered from him, the male superior being.

All of this is a crock, in EnviroRadience, women are equal to men, in whatever they choose to do:

  1. They are equal to men, and a man needs to respect a woman, to be able to live in a non-chavenistic relationship, family, and individual spiritual paths
  2. Women are to respect men, if they wan respect  in return
  3. Men and women must listen to one another, and not try to overspeak them, when they are saying something
  4. A man and a woman, must live their lives, in how they see fit, no one has the right to tell them how to live their lives.
  5. Men are to be respectful and listen to what a woman wants in a sexual situation, the man needs to be aware the woman needs to be romanced, and not taken like she didn’t matter, only her bodymind, and her vagina, the man wanted just to be able to get off, and not show any love at all
  6. Woman are to respect men, and not use their femininity to say whatever they want to a man, for if a man feels disrespected, his way of handling it, is violence
  7. Women are Jedi, Jedi Knights, Dream Dancers, and star guides to those who live in the truth of their vision of Microcosmic Force Necessity Truth
  8. Men have to stop, thinking that the woman is only for their pleasure, and they don’t have to do anything to make the woman feel wanted, this is a man’s control over her, he doesn’t care what a woman needs inside and outside of the bedroom, and every woman has the right of a man stopping, when she says no. If the man continues, and forces his will or way on her, whether a husband, boyfriend, friend, etc., that is rape-, or forcing her to be who she isn’t, and not respecting her will, so that is a criminal act as well.
  9. In the work place women are to be respected and treated as a co-worker/boss/teammate/etc.
  10.  Men must keep their hands and their voices respectful at all times, sexual harassment is criminal, so men don’t do it
  11. A man, a woman have psychic, telepathic spiritual talents and abilites and skills, to their openness to explore their own being, none are stronger than the others, but this can be seen to be so, by those who want power, without the ability to use that power/energy wisely

May the Microcosmic Force be with your here and now!


# 87 Benitoite

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Benitoite is the gem of the deep blue seas, ergo, of imagination, dreamworks, surprise and more.

Benitoite is the mermaid gem, and brings good tidings, from the ocean deep.

Benitoite is the banking gem, as well, it helps in raising, saving, investing money, for it’s rare, and found only in California, thus it’s akin to the wonder of gold. These two work well together, and will increase the chance of finding each, when used together, to find rich strike.

Benitoite is the wedding gem, as well, as it fits well with diamonds, gold and many precious gems. Its a caller gem, meaning it calls good works, tidings, and potential mates, who are well situated in life and career, and have money in investments, savings, and stock.

# 118 Is the grass really greener on the other side of the road or fence

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Is that grass really better than the grass you have beneath your feet,now? When we watch/see what we believe is a better way to live life, by doing what you see specific others doing, like the wealthy, stars, knowledge keepers, and so on, we are daydreaming.

By doing this we allow our imagination to go wild; we put into the scene, we’re looking at, all the potentials/possibilities/images like our dreams, where we control what we see, and how we see it.

In other words- we build a dream, in which, we as creators, can see and feel whatever we wish, and put our needs upon the other scene, thus we create our beliefs/wishes/imaginations, so we’re sure the grass is greener on the other side.

Somewhere, another person, is looking over at your side of the street/fence, and building a dream over the grass on your side, not dealing what is great, imaginative, wonderful about his/her own side.

And it just might be, the side of the fence you see as greener, may have those looking back at you, and your side, of the street/fence.

Dreams are beautiful, with symbols, acting out your fantasies, wants, likes, desires, and more. However, they aren’t real life, and what you believe is true, is only your vision of a wonderfully new environment, which would be better, for you, because its your own creation.

Know the other side of the street/fence, is just like the side you’re living on. Live your life here and now, not then and there.

Microcosmic Force Blessing upon you, here and now!

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