(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Information in itself does nothing, for it’s too overwhelming, and can turn off a purser of knowledge, as it isn’t worth the effort.

Ergo, we, as an intelligent populations, look for ways to make the mass of information, into strategic areas, which start from the general, and go down to the minute.

We have field of studies to show areas, where many substrata categories will be found, where subject knowledge can be hunted down, in reserves, of mounting knowledge upon knowledge. Both new and old knowledge give us a sense of history, so history is generated from the catagorization of knowledge, rather than it, a subject powering knowledge.

Alvin and Hilda Toffler see knowledge- as the foutth wave of human endeavors, and will be the new way to revolutionary wealth.

Wealth is seen by people as either great, or the root of al the troubles of the world, but the troubles of the world, are brought about by human choices, and the material to make the necessary moves, to accomplish this goal, is directly the fault of human ideas about self, love, wealth, and knowledge.

Faulty thinking, making choices by poor hold on the human mind, greed, avarice, etc., leads to poor choices,. too, mainly to reward self over all else.

Crime, etc., is brought about by human laziness, where trying to cut the gathering of money, et.,. by shortcutting the drive, for rewards of doing, to trying to overpower, kill, maim, etc. others to this person’s sole benefit.

Socrates tells us no one does that which isn’t good for him/her; unfortuantely that mission can be subverted, by not wanting to work for it, but to use strength, numbers, gangs, and so on, to make others give up what they have worked for, by the criminals, so they don’t  have to work for a living.

There’s: 1. Mental knowledge, 2. physical knowledge, 3. consciousness knowledge, 4 psychic/telepathic knowledge, 5. bodymind knowledge, 6. beyond knowledge, 7. spiritual knowledge, and 8. self-knowledge.Microcosmic Force spirituality.

Knowledge not shared, not use to educate, to do work, to live comfortably, and to build a Microcosmic Force spirituality, is simply a mountain, that sits and waits, for someone to come and start mining it, and find the wealth and rich rewards they gain, from educating themselves, then others; sharing knowledge is the way to create wealth, for everyone.

Microcosmic Force Blessings on you, here and now!