(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Rhodonite is the garden gem, but must be used minutely to give flowers, etc., a healthy glow, and a rich beauty.

Rhodonite is a dust, which can be sprinkled on rose bushes to bring a healthier tone, and look to roses.

Rhodonite sprinkled around mailboxes give a warning system, to psychics, that trouble is coming.

Rhodonite as a gem, can help in bringing out richness in hair, mainly on the head.

Rhodonite is also a popular gem, to wear, as it attracts, only positive vibes, and positive people, to you.

Rhodonite is good to wear, when around animals, it makes them see you as a friend, not only by site, but by smell.

Rhodonite, is good to wear, to help you smell and taste actions you are observing, feeling and doing.