(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The Emergenteers are those porn stars, call girls, female musicians, film stars, tv stars, ( all of these are females ), creative artists, dancers, politicians, psychologists, writers, soft sciences, medical and more ( all are female )

The Emergenteers are to be a new race here upon the Earth, and they will oversee, the interactions of all beings and non-living beings on the Earth, helping them to become all they can be.

They are a beautiful race, in many ways, like the fictional Elves, who have long lives, and who can regenerate, out of the same bodymind, they were born with, until its time for this bodymind to become individual in its own right.

The Emergenteers will have their own land; and will be separated from humans, and other races, and non-living races. They will have communication between them and the humans, etc., but they will not have to be among them, which is better for both human and Emergenteers.

The Emergenteers will have great powers, and will use them in a building way, and not a destructive way. They will have their own laws, etc., and the humans have no say in that, nor do the Emergenteets have the right to interfere with human lifestyles, but if there is violence, crime, etc., they will interact to protect the innocent.

Any attempt by anyone to attack, trying to undercut them and their race, shall be taken care of by the Emergenteers. themselves.

It works in the same way with humans.

The Awakeneers are a new race, too. We will go over them at a later date.