(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Calcite- is the 3d form of being able to see in all directions of a form, much like cubism, but can be more realistic.

Calcite- is a sculptor’s sorcerer stone, for it helps in its formation, as well helps the sculptor.

Calcite- helps the sculptor, get into his work, and helps models see him/her for a brief time -possible lover.

Calcite- is a heavy dose of sexuality!

Calcite- helps designers, fashion designers, music designers, architects, etc., to focus and use the total of their creative genius.

Calcite- works with nudists and naturists, and any who love going naked, to be a living sculpture.

Calcite- is a protector of call girls, strippers, prostitutes, call males, sex therapist, and any who enjoy the passions of their bodymind.

Calcite- utilizes the magic of the 5 color Rainbow, in doing all it does, ergo, it is a psychic an spiritual talisman, as well.