(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


The Awakeneers are slow to awaken, so we’re going to give them a jump start. How? By putting it out- it’s time for you to fully awaken and come out and take your place under the sun or suns, solar system galaxies, universes, etc..

First, you must allow yourself to feel beyond what you know of yourself, and discover the Awakeneer within you.

Second, feel the truth of you being one of the Awakeneers, build upon that feeling.

Third, feel the knowledge you have within you.

Fourth, open yourself up to your total being, and your inner center.

Fifth, practice your powers, talents, skills, super etc.s, every day. Find the best way for you to the total you.

Sixth,  know you are an Awakeneer; how- by knowing it, blessing yourself and your new race.

Seventh, feel other Awakeneers, monitor the world buzz, and look for Awakeneer life energy.

Eighth, send blessings to every Awakeneer, to know who they are as they can accept it.

Ninth, put out blessing on every Awakeneer, known or not found yet.

Tenth, put out blessing of an open third eye, to each Awakeneer, as they can accept it.

Eleventh, Awakeneers are a new race, for the planet earth, but not the only one, which will be transformed from humans.

Twelve-th, the Awakeneers, are not into magic, but they are into creativity, as a way to go beyond the physical/mental, to their inner center and spirit.

Thirteen, Awakeneers are healers, futurists, awareness, growers, respecters of magical and life energy generators, and etc.

Fourteen, they’re different in appearance, and know how to protect themselves, in any circumstance.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!