(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Having people hate us, or fear us, is not our problem, it’s theirs. We cannot change their minds, but we can be open to communicating with them, if they want.

We can put our Microcosmic Force Blessings on them and anything they may do toward us, so it transforms to Microcosmic Crystal White Light, and becomes a positive, rather than its opposite.

Whether they hate us or fear us, or are jealous of us, we have to give them the right to do this, as long as it stays within them, and no action is taken toward us. If this happens, then self-defense comes into play, whether physical/mental/spiritual.

We have the right, always, to protect ourselves, from those who would do harm to us, including the above, and any one else, who would want to hurt us, like police in their criminal acts against demonstrators, we do not build more violence, only protect against these villainous acts perpetrated by law enforcement or now days, paramilitary assassins, who enjoy killing people, for the fun of it.

These are extreme conducts by those who believe they have the right to do harm to anyone, because they can or to gain street cred over their intended victims.

Most of all- we prefer to put out Microcosmic Force Blessings, on all those, who would harm us, who send out bad vibes at us and so on.

Bringing dialogue between the parties involved in the violence, is always welcome, and will be looked at, but, also, from what the presenters want to get out of the negotiation, or the setup, to destroy their enemies or to work toward a peaceful end to the violence.

The Jedi, the Jedi Knights and Dream Dancers protect themselves from violence directed toward them, only to the point where they are out of danger’s way. They then stop, and watch what the other person does, or walk away, but being aware, if the vanquished runs towards them again.

Physical violence is the last resort, if being set on violently, call the police, and leave the perpetrators behind, if you can, if not find a place you can guard your back and face your attackers, this is why we practices self-defense, karate, etc., so we can protect ourselves when necessary.

Martial arts, self-defense is practiced for safety and defense, not offense.