(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Amblygonite is for those who live a peaceful life; who don’t buy into the whole rat race, but find ways to live outside the rat race.

Amblygonite is for those who amble along not caring about the fastness of modern society, but like the slowness of living in areas where life is slower and more of the taste of a full life.

Amblygonite slows things down; good meditation gem, it allows the person to let go and just enjoy the experience.

Amblygonite is good for many activities, which need something to slow down people, so they enjoy what their doing more.

Amblygonite- slows down  the vibration of disease, and allows the bodymind to put up a better defense, it is a cure, but a helper to the bodymind to fight disease, etc..

Amblygonite- is a by the outside fire and it attracts ufos, and other, for it’s a peaceful way of life; this makes the travelers want to make it out of sync, but it cannot be done, for Amblygonite is whole unto itself.