(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Inspiration is where we see, feel, think, wonder about things, and one or more of these, hit us, so we build on it, our inspiration comes from fragments or whole thoughts, which we build  into a total process or creative solution.

We can be inspired by many things: people, ideas, philosophies, etc., or we can be using our own methods of just allowing our minds to wander, or we can write, draw, paint, do poems, and more, which gives us the path, to make it into a total inspiration.

Inspiration can be simple, complex, or wordless, a feeling, and so on, it comes from our child within, our inner center, and our minds take what it feels is being shared by our creativity into a whole inspiration, or work of creative arts, educational, and etc.

Martin Luther King is an inspiration, by his life, by his words, and what he stood for.

Elvis Presley is an inspiration as a great entertainer, singer, actor and showman.

Haiku is inspiration based, for something is seen, felt, or wonder at we create a three line ( usually ) poem, or art work, and so on, but stated in such a way, that the audience supplies the understanding and wholeness of the piece of inspiration.

President Kennedy was an inspiration to a lot of people, not to me, for his passage ask now what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, setting up a motion where nationalism comes into play, many times with little common sense.

Jesus was an inspiration, in his life, in his beliefs, and in his showing man/woman, are much more than the limited ideas of philosophy, etc.

Edgar Cayce was an inspiration, in giving readings, of truth and of human history personal and outside events.

Inspiration is a major drive in Jedi, Jedi Knight and Dream Dancers; who practice inspiration to guide them, to help them build their dreams and beyond.

Microcosmic Force Blessings, here and now!