(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

I went and saw “Arrival “, for the second time, because the first time was so enlightening, if you take concepts, from the movie, and look at them, as a way of bringing adventure into your life.

Besides, being a movie about first contact with aliens, the way they go about finding ways to learn to talk with the aliens, and beyond that, by the female star, allows her to be the one to stop a war, from happening.

Now, let’s look at the way the aliens interacted with the humans- the linguist, and theoretical physicist, and the side story about our cultural prejudices, and the fear it raises in some, who find terror, in contact with another species of People ( our limited way of saying intelligent life ). These can lead to mental breakdown, paranoia and more, so those who come into first contact with beings from space, must be vetted, to the truth of aliens, who come to our planet.

This is our first realization of what the movie says, about our world view, which does not , in most people , see aliens as having any part of it. We must, as individuals, stretch our understanding of our view of our environmental reality, to go beyond the physical, be found through letting go of our rigid world view, that there are no aliens, we are the only ones in the Universe, etc.

Second, those who can’t stand to see their world view explode, within them, go into direct self-defense mode, working to block out all that doesn’t fit their way of believing, of expecting their lives to go on on a daily basis, sure in our knowing, all will be the same each day of our lives, our economy will go on its merrily insane way of ordering our worlds to reflect our own way of seeing and knowing things.

Third, is the concept of time, we see time as a linear, straight line with past-present-future, which we like or love, for it means stability, relaxation- knowing all is going to be the same, when you live your life, with the surety- all will be the same, when you wake, in the morning.

Fourth, these same persons, who have the expectation of all their life experiences, will be from human superiority. They are more than willing to fight to keep it so, even if it means going against those who see first contact as a positive experience. These people are ready to do violence,  of any kind, to protect their limited world view.

Fifth, in translating a language, which can be shared by both or more parties, starts simply, then grows more complex, as the symbols of the language being worked on and shared by humans and aliens, brings a sense of  common ground to build an experience with. Linear or non-linear, depending on all parties world views.

Sixth, we have to go beyond our limited world view, and allow ourselves to expand our understanding of our realities, there are more surprises beyond our awareness and intelligence, than our linear time, linear life awareness, straight line of commonality, between all humanity, in their own unique life experiences, can know,.

Seventh, the way or one way to do this, is to let go of linear time, and allow yourself to accept and use non-linear time, or as we Jedi and Dream Dancers, learn to do in our non-linear experiencing- in our spiritual journey of Self-Genesis, and spiritual attainment. This allows us to experience, many experiences,that go beyond limitation, into new orientation of our non-linear way of seeing, knowing, focusing, through our third-eye, and by, our whole being and bodymind, through the  Microcosmic Force, showing us to let go of linear experiences, and take the knowledge that time doesn’t exist, only experience, first hand experience, which is totally non-linear.

Eighth, do we have any experience of this in our lives or our knowledge today:

  1. when we are intensely working or watching or doing something, we forget about time or its need for linear necessity, and let go of our minds, and live, work and live our entire being, without parameters on it
  2. Those times when humans do amazing, heroic things, which they should never be able to do, like lift cars off of love ones, and more
  3. Miracles, are non-linear in experience, living through it, and doing what is offered by the miracle, and not putting your mind into it
  4. Practicing non-linear seeing, knowing, and experiencing, so we utilize experiences, as not linear, but non-linear, through meditation, relaxation-tension, dance, creative arts, movement and more
  5. Stepping into an experience beyond our knowing, so as to expand our mental capabilities, our bodymind living and moving, letting go of our minds, and trusting our Microcosmic Force feelings, acting without thinking but with Microcosmic Force total action.

In conclusion, non-linear experience ( time doesn’t exist in non-linear realities and awareness ) is the way we want to live our lives, do our spiritual training and action, living moving and doing.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!