In Memory of Carrie Fisher

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  (Zoua; the OutRyder )


This isn’t another news item about the passing of Carrie Fisher, but what this means to her spiritually, and what it means to those who follow Microcosmic Force.

It is unfortunate that Carrie Fisher, had to pass away, but for her future endeavors, it was a necessary evil, so she could come back in a fully adult bodymind, the age of 18-21.

When will this happen, when the Microcosmic Force, and Carrie Fisher’s personal choice deems it is time for her to come back to the mundane worlds.

Second, Carrie Fisher was chosen to play in Star Wars, because she had a connection with the Microcosmic Force, which was there, even if she didn’t realize it.

Third, Carrie Fisher is now an Spirit Teacher, for those following the ways of the Jedi, the Jedi Knight, and is a source for Dream Dancers.

How do you get her help, in your spiritual journey, spiritual torment, etc., by meditation, by talking to her as if she’s right in front of you, or simply putting out love for her, and telepathically telling her what you’re doing, going through, or what you need.

Carrie Fisher will come back as she truly is, as a Godalarian, one of the oldest beings in any universe, and one who is as present, as any of us.

Goodbye, Carrie Fishere; and hello Godalarian!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

# 9 Non-linear Perceptions

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We’ve looked at non-linear reality, as a total opposite, to linear reality, which only exists, because the majority want it to be that way, ergo, mathematical language is one of the chosen linear languages, and ways to live your mundane life.

However, in the spiritual planes, mathematics doesn’t exist, only non-linear reality exists, because spirit is not in anyway limited by what it can choose to do.

This is the very important internal action, in anything you do, on the spiritual planes, it’s done- through your own individual choice, no one can, or will, make decisions for you

You die, and you go into the spiritual planes, these differ, from the astral planes, in that, they have a doorway, which anyone living must go through, if they want to visit the spiritual realms.

Living persons, who go into the spiritual planes, through this doorway, do so, at their own risk, because they may become fixated in feeling death is better than life, and what waits for them, on the other side, is beautiful.

What they don’t understand, is that, this is only for them, if they live out their natural life, any attempt to not do so, lands you not in your own favorite environment, but in what we call the Counseling Plane.

Before, these planes became the Counseling Plane(s) they were filled with self-flagellation episodes of wailing, crying and self-pity. This is no longer the case, after, a fight, this environment, transformed into a place of healing, and counseling, which after the spirit, lets go of their present-past life, they become pure creativity, once again.

They have to realize,life is not linear, but non-linear, and that, what they accepted, when they were alive, is fiction, and the truth is- all reality is non-linear.

Once they start to look at non-linear realities, they soon realize they’re totally non-linear being and action, so they’re totally unpredictable, any ties with the Linear Records, is totally broken,they’re no longer bound by linear past-present-future limitation.

Next week, we will explore what it means to have non-linear realities all around you, with bits floating in and out, from every direction it’s possible to come (do) from.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!


Interlude # 8 Non-linear Reincarnation

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The other day, I was thinking about non-linear reality, then I started thinking about reincarnation, and how I and others always accepted the idea that those who die will come back at a later linear date.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, reincarnation isn’t linear, its non-linear, and that opens up a whole new way of understanding reincarnation:

  1. All reincarnations and carnations are non-linear
  2. Reincarnations are not a linear phenomenon, but a non-linear psychic wonderland
  3. In accepting math, etc., is the only way to view the world, you limit yourself to their theorems, and their view of life, that depends on a linear universe, and a limited one, at that.
  4. By filtering your eyes and self-knowledge/self-experience, with the clouds of a mathematical language, you act in only one of linear philosophies, ideas, research and so on
  5. All of societies on the planet, live by linear hope, and act in their life, in linear, actions, which they see as each following the past one they just did
  6. Math loves measurement, ergo time is units of movement, counting the units it takes to cover the distance between objects, this is another aspect of math language
  7. Psychic, Telepathic, Spiritual and beyond doesn’t work in limitation, nor in time, of distance between objects, but knows what you see, feel, you can be at, without worrying about distance
  8. There is an example, when you are interested in what you’re doing, you forget time, and work only in excitement of what you’re doing, thus time has no meaning for you, you are here and now, and doing what’s necessary to accomplish your goals, your actions, and so on
  9. When you go back into the spiritual planes, when you have left the planet, you can go and be anywhere you wish, in an instant, one way, not the only way, is the floating bits around you- are here and now, but they’re from past, present, and future, as well as what can be
  10. These bits are doorways or telescopes into what they’re connected to , by non-linear experience, and here and now intent, where time ends, and here and nowness, take to the front of the being settling down into looking at the life they just lived.

Next week, we will go more into the spiritual planes, and how non-linear realities give ways to reincarnate in any period, any place, any universe and any reality.

Interlude # 7 Flexibility of the bit

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Here’s more info about bits:

  1. There are big and small bits
  2. Bits adjust to the size needed, ergo reincarnation, and transillumination shaping
  3. Bits are the size they need to be
  4. Bits are whole, full and individual
  5. Bits are singular whole/full in whatever space, etc., they are in, thus outside flows around them, they adjust to the physical presence, the mental presence they create, so they can live in the shoes of a living being, or a non-living living being
  6. Bits hold all the being is, wants to be, does and doesn’t want to see
  7. Bits resonate in a primal vibration, and others, who vibrate to that primal movement, are friends, and have a tendency to reincarnate together
  8. Bits are whole within themselves;they choose to share that wholeness with others, as they do within themselves, as well
  9. Bits live outside of time, limitation, etc., but live by trusting their feelings, and acting in the only way they can to be true to themselves.
  10. Healthy bits, are those, who are true to themselves, and their trust in their feelings
  11. Bits are totally Creation whole/full, and are capable of creating whatever environment they want, if it’s good, for them, and holds a growth opportunity or opportunities, within the interaction, or sole action being entirely representing the total of the individual bit
  12. Bits are multi-taskers, they can be living many different lives, in different environments and look to bring them all into harmony, and totally themselves in everything they do
  13. Bits can choose to use another’s dream enviroments, as a way to be physical, to test out beliefs, but at the same time, to work on having close interactions, and love interactions ( romantic, friendship, etc. ) all guided by trusting their feelings, and acting in the only way they can to be true to themselves
  14. Bits are not intimidated by others, for they know, they’re equal in intent to do what they see as what’s best for them.
  15. The best relationship is one in which each is 100% themselves in the relationship, and not only being 50% and your partner or partners being the other 50% in whatever you do
  16. The best way for a bit to live, and interact, is by trusting their feelings and acting in the only way they can act to be true to themselves, 100% you- acting totally you, and not limiting yourself, to what others may think
  17. You’re not afraid of outside, as a bit, for you know that Outside is a disharmonic vibration, caused by people trying to get ahead by being in their heads, by being in their emotions, and wanting to fit in, a bit fits in with themselves individually, and others may come in or not, you, as a bit, live your life to acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

Interlude # 6 Does size really matter?

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

We are looking at non-linear reality/physical/mental/spiritual/beyonds to explore what is meant by bits:

  1. Bits are individual
  2. Bits are whole
  3. Bits are full
  4. Bits vibrate to their individual inner source= Fantastic
  5. Bits are infinitesimal to huge, size doesn’t matter, for each can do what ever is needed for the individual to do, doing tha,t which is Mirocosmic Force Necessary, for it to do- to be true to itself
  6. The true bit, is unknowable, for it is within all that is, thus out of sight of the bit, which is the presence, that’s within the what can be known of what we call bit
  7. The creation of vibes, which guide the bit in its movements, show it to be individual, and is acting without thinking, trusting its feelings of what is true for it to do, not try, but to do
  8. Each bit is surrounded by an aura, and the aura and the rest of the bit, surround itself in energy space, which touches and moves with or against, other bits energy space, thus the Universe is both Microcosmic Force aware focus of what it is feeling, and is interacting with other bits, only by the energy space, surrounding the aura. This space is the potential to do what is necessary for it to do, when all bits energy spaces, touch each’s vibes, each vibe is a primary colors: yellow, blue, green, red and crystal white; the color creates music, and vice versa, or dances to outside music, thus creating interactive connection of doing what each feels is necessary to do here and now, and isn’t influenced by the other, so both their movements is self-creating, even if a bit picks up on music another bit is putting out, it doesn’t simply follow the others ongoing music, but reacts to it in its own individual way
  9. Each bit is here and now
  10. All bits within form, shape, design, etc. are here and now present, so all bits of what linear reality calls past-present-future, are here and now, and are in the interactive presence of each other, so have the potential to interact, with no regard, to when the bit is acting, remembering and etc.
  11. Bits interact with any other bit, as they are here and now, and the interaction, is within movement, of each, so each may create a new bit, a new drive to do, or a choice- to do something, which is non-linear realty, and creates from its inner Fantastic, to create a new way of being, which may or may not include, what it was, at another here and now, which is an aspect of the here and now- working now.

” Straight on til morning…”

Interlude # 5 Here and Now non-linear reality

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(c)  T(cerry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Life, objects, universes, realities and beyonds are all made up of bits, non-linear bits, which attract each other- by each bit’s passion-v ( standing for vibration(s) ), or to put another way, it can be like to like, like to unlike, or like, but to create another responsible vibration, which draws or interacts with one- that near draws, but also, sets up a barrier, where each refuse to interact with the other, but only want to vibrate in a way, where they can or one can create a new responsive vibration, which will draw other bits passion-v.

Here we see that not only like can create harmony, but even those bits, at this here and now experience, which only create an auric/self vibration, which in some way, draws the passion-v of another bit, to interact with it, or to listen, and take it and run with it, to make a new vibration, leaving the responder vibration to be itself, but not to be within the passion-v presence, so they mutually push each other away.

Not all bits will draw a passion-v  bit, and this is okay, for this bit, is solo-vibing;  it will be needed within the overall bits, as much as any other bit, no bit is isolated, pushed away, for in doing so, the whole action of the bits, lose its cohesiveness. All bits are needed to create shape, form, action and so on.

Now the truth of non-linear presence bits, they are here and now, which means they operate in the present, but that present, isn’t just what we see as the present around us, but bits of the past and the future are here and now, as well, so our present is as it is, because all bits are here and now present, so the passion-v and the responder vibrations ( we shall call responder vibes ) may be bits from what others would call the future and the past, but in non-linear experience, all bits are here and now, and are responder vibes bits, that might have a passion-v, drawn to them, because of their vibratory life energy.

There is no past-present-future in non-linear experience, all is here and now, and works here and now, ergo all is in creativity each moment.

Interlude # 4

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Reality is non-linear, we create linear lives, so we have an idea of what we’re going to face daily, and many times, this isn’t pleasant, but we know and accept our lives are governed by linear thinking, doing, creating and living.

Life is non-linear, and two of the best places to see this non-linear actions, is within music and water.

Music has notes, played on an instrument, and these notes, individual note, that is, is not simply one sound, but is made up of many bits, or shapes, or shades, etc., which don’t move in linear methods/harmonics, but in non-linear vibrations, so one bit, isn’t depended on the one following it, or the one in front of it. The bits of a note, are drawn together by passion-vibration, meaning it isn’t linear necessity that draws the bits together to make the sound of the note, but responsive action ot like or non-directional truth within the bits themselves.

Music is non-linear in origin, but is carried out by linear action, so as to be brought under control of the musician, who wants only linear notes, which can be played by anyone.

In non-linear music, linear quality and sound, isn’t the feeling-movement of the non-linear bits, but creative vibration of responsive bits, create the music heard by others when its played.

Depth, tone, vibration, etc. are all non-linear creations of the bits, as they find responsive bits, which are necessary responders, to make beautiful non-linear music, to be heard by responsive audiences, specific, or finding, so the music is unique each time it’s played and heard.

Our symbol of water, shall be oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, etc., drops of water are not linear wholes, but bits of non-linear response vibrations to others, within the drop, being created by the response vibration, and not the vibration being controlled by linear enforcement.

Yet this non-linear response vibration, isn’t just responsive to that which is around it, but it is open to responsive vibration coming from anywhere, ergo, it is universe and beyond non-specific, and is in communication, with all the non-linear bits in any universe, reality, etc.

The same holds true for music, ourselves bodymind, etc., and every object, life form, etc., wherever it may be. We are, and we live in a responsive vibration, self-creating environment, here and now, non-site specific, so bits may be responders to any other bit, wherever it may be.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

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