(c)  T(cerry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Life, objects, universes, realities and beyonds are all made up of bits, non-linear bits, which attract each other- by each bit’s passion-v ( standing for vibration(s) ), or to put another way, it can be like to like, like to unlike, or like, but to create another responsible vibration, which draws or interacts with one- that near draws, but also, sets up a barrier, where each refuse to interact with the other, but only want to vibrate in a way, where they can or one can create a new responsive vibration, which will draw other bits passion-v.

Here we see that not only like can create harmony, but even those bits, at this here and now experience, which only create an auric/self vibration, which in some way, draws the passion-v of another bit, to interact with it, or to listen, and take it and run with it, to make a new vibration, leaving the responder vibration to be itself, but not to be within the passion-v presence, so they mutually push each other away.

Not all bits will draw a passion-v  bit, and this is okay, for this bit, is solo-vibing;  it will be needed within the overall bits, as much as any other bit, no bit is isolated, pushed away, for in doing so, the whole action of the bits, lose its cohesiveness. All bits are needed to create shape, form, action and so on.

Now the truth of non-linear presence bits, they are here and now, which means they operate in the present, but that present, isn’t just what we see as the present around us, but bits of the past and the future are here and now, as well, so our present is as it is, because all bits are here and now present, so the passion-v and the responder vibrations ( we shall call responder vibes ) may be bits from what others would call the future and the past, but in non-linear experience, all bits are here and now, and are responder vibes bits, that might have a passion-v, drawn to them, because of their vibratory life energy.

There is no past-present-future in non-linear experience, all is here and now, and works here and now, ergo all is in creativity each moment.