(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

We are looking at non-linear reality/physical/mental/spiritual/beyonds to explore what is meant by bits:

  1. Bits are individual
  2. Bits are whole
  3. Bits are full
  4. Bits vibrate to their individual inner source= Fantastic
  5. Bits are infinitesimal to huge, size doesn’t matter, for each can do what ever is needed for the individual to do, doing tha,t which is Mirocosmic Force Necessary, for it to do- to be true to itself
  6. The true bit, is unknowable, for it is within all that is, thus out of sight of the bit, which is the presence, that’s within the what can be known of what we call bit
  7. The creation of vibes, which guide the bit in its movements, show it to be individual, and is acting without thinking, trusting its feelings of what is true for it to do, not try, but to do
  8. Each bit is surrounded by an aura, and the aura and the rest of the bit, surround itself in energy space, which touches and moves with or against, other bits energy space, thus the Universe is both Microcosmic Force aware focus of what it is feeling, and is interacting with other bits, only by the energy space, surrounding the aura. This space is the potential to do what is necessary for it to do, when all bits energy spaces, touch each’s vibes, each vibe is a primary colors: yellow, blue, green, red and crystal white; the color creates music, and vice versa, or dances to outside music, thus creating interactive connection of doing what each feels is necessary to do here and now, and isn’t influenced by the other, so both their movements is self-creating, even if a bit picks up on music another bit is putting out, it doesn’t simply follow the others ongoing music, but reacts to it in its own individual way
  9. Each bit is here and now
  10. All bits within form, shape, design, etc. are here and now present, so all bits of what linear reality calls past-present-future, are here and now, and are in the interactive presence of each other, so have the potential to interact, with no regard, to when the bit is acting, remembering and etc.
  11. Bits interact with any other bit, as they are here and now, and the interaction, is within movement, of each, so each may create a new bit, a new drive to do, or a choice- to do something, which is non-linear realty, and creates from its inner Fantastic, to create a new way of being, which may or may not include, what it was, at another here and now, which is an aspect of the here and now- working now.

” Straight on til morning…”