(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Here’s more info about bits:

  1. There are big and small bits
  2. Bits adjust to the size needed, ergo reincarnation, and transillumination shaping
  3. Bits are the size they need to be
  4. Bits are whole, full and individual
  5. Bits are singular whole/full in whatever space, etc., they are in, thus outside flows around them, they adjust to the physical presence, the mental presence they create, so they can live in the shoes of a living being, or a non-living living being
  6. Bits hold all the being is, wants to be, does and doesn’t want to see
  7. Bits resonate in a primal vibration, and others, who vibrate to that primal movement, are friends, and have a tendency to reincarnate together
  8. Bits are whole within themselves;they choose to share that wholeness with others, as they do within themselves, as well
  9. Bits live outside of time, limitation, etc., but live by trusting their feelings, and acting in the only way they can to be true to themselves.
  10. Healthy bits, are those, who are true to themselves, and their trust in their feelings
  11. Bits are totally Creation whole/full, and are capable of creating whatever environment they want, if it’s good, for them, and holds a growth opportunity or opportunities, within the interaction, or sole action being entirely representing the total of the individual bit
  12. Bits are multi-taskers, they can be living many different lives, in different environments and look to bring them all into harmony, and totally themselves in everything they do
  13. Bits can choose to use another’s dream enviroments, as a way to be physical, to test out beliefs, but at the same time, to work on having close interactions, and love interactions ( romantic, friendship, etc. ) all guided by trusting their feelings, and acting in the only way they can to be true to themselves
  14. Bits are not intimidated by others, for they know, they’re equal in intent to do what they see as what’s best for them.
  15. The best relationship is one in which each is 100% themselves in the relationship, and not only being 50% and your partner or partners being the other 50% in whatever you do
  16. The best way for a bit to live, and interact, is by trusting their feelings and acting in the only way they can act to be true to themselves, 100% you- acting totally you, and not limiting yourself, to what others may think
  17. You’re not afraid of outside, as a bit, for you know that Outside is a disharmonic vibration, caused by people trying to get ahead by being in their heads, by being in their emotions, and wanting to fit in, a bit fits in with themselves individually, and others may come in or not, you, as a bit, live your life to acting in the only way you can to be true to yourself

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!