(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The other day, I was thinking about non-linear reality, then I started thinking about reincarnation, and how I and others always accepted the idea that those who die will come back at a later linear date.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, reincarnation isn’t linear, its non-linear, and that opens up a whole new way of understanding reincarnation:

  1. All reincarnations and carnations are non-linear
  2. Reincarnations are not a linear phenomenon, but a non-linear psychic wonderland
  3. In accepting math, etc., is the only way to view the world, you limit yourself to their theorems, and their view of life, that depends on a linear universe, and a limited one, at that.
  4. By filtering your eyes and self-knowledge/self-experience, with the clouds of a mathematical language, you act in only one of linear philosophies, ideas, research and so on
  5. All of societies on the planet, live by linear hope, and act in their life, in linear, actions, which they see as each following the past one they just did
  6. Math loves measurement, ergo time is units of movement, counting the units it takes to cover the distance between objects, this is another aspect of math language
  7. Psychic, Telepathic, Spiritual and beyond doesn’t work in limitation, nor in time, of distance between objects, but knows what you see, feel, you can be at, without worrying about distance
  8. There is an example, when you are interested in what you’re doing, you forget time, and work only in excitement of what you’re doing, thus time has no meaning for you, you are here and now, and doing what’s necessary to accomplish your goals, your actions, and so on
  9. When you go back into the spiritual planes, when you have left the planet, you can go and be anywhere you wish, in an instant, one way, not the only way, is the floating bits around you- are here and now, but they’re from past, present, and future, as well as what can be
  10. These bits are doorways or telescopes into what they’re connected to , by non-linear experience, and here and now intent, where time ends, and here and nowness, take to the front of the being settling down into looking at the life they just lived.

Next week, we will go more into the spiritual planes, and how non-linear realities give ways to reincarnate in any period, any place, any universe and any reality.