(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We’ve looked at non-linear reality, as a total opposite, to linear reality, which only exists, because the majority want it to be that way, ergo, mathematical language is one of the chosen linear languages, and ways to live your mundane life.

However, in the spiritual planes, mathematics doesn’t exist, only non-linear reality exists, because spirit is not in anyway limited by what it can choose to do.

This is the very important internal action, in anything you do, on the spiritual planes, it’s done- through your own individual choice, no one can, or will, make decisions for you

You die, and you go into the spiritual planes, these differ, from the astral planes, in that, they have a doorway, which anyone living must go through, if they want to visit the spiritual realms.

Living persons, who go into the spiritual planes, through this doorway, do so, at their own risk, because they may become fixated in feeling death is better than life, and what waits for them, on the other side, is beautiful.

What they don’t understand, is that, this is only for them, if they live out their natural life, any attempt to not do so, lands you not in your own favorite environment, but in what we call the Counseling Plane.

Before, these planes became the Counseling Plane(s) they were filled with self-flagellation episodes of wailing, crying and self-pity. This is no longer the case, after, a fight, this environment, transformed into a place of healing, and counseling, which after the spirit, lets go of their present-past life, they become pure creativity, once again.

They have to realize,life is not linear, but non-linear, and that, what they accepted, when they were alive, is fiction, and the truth is- all reality is non-linear.

Once they start to look at non-linear realities, they soon realize they’re totally non-linear being and action, so they’re totally unpredictable, any ties with the Linear Records, is totally broken,they’re no longer bound by linear past-present-future limitation.

Next week, we will explore what it means to have non-linear realities all around you, with bits floating in and out, from every direction it’s possible to come (do) from.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!