(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

What makes the Universes, Realities and all else. To see this, we must look at the Microcosmic Force. The Microcosmic Force is a singular whole, fille with individual wholes/fulls, which are independent of each other. The makeup of the physical world is the energy space around each whole bit.

We can call this birth matter, for this open space life energy, is the start of another wholebit, individual in itself, networking with all other bits.

We can say each bit is: 1. makes the whole seem to be one, but in reality its a networking of individual bits, which are working and acting in the only way they can- to be true to themselves.

This means each bit is where it is, because the bits its around, have a draw to it,and they to him or her; they exist together independently, but can work in networking, where they act off of each other’s actions.

Thereby, where a total spirit is, where they’re drawn to , by the bits there, where they interact together favorably, developing friendships, so they reincarnate together, or when they’re ready to reincarnate, they go to the same area, where their spiritual friends, are, so they can interact, as wholes/fulls of independent whole/full individuality, in a network..

Each of us, choose where we’re going to reincarnate at, where we can experience what we need to experience, to: 1. where our friends are, 2. where other bits are, who fascinate us, 3. the environmental action of bits, draws us to the area, because we want to get involved, 4. we can still have left over feelings, for where we were last born and died, which means you limit yourself to only one action, so the spirit sets up your life plan, since you’re fond of this area, its people, its environment, its interaction, its integral pull, the spirit makes up a life plan, which is very dangerous for you, for it feels you’re capable of handling any situation it might create and place in your life plan, 5. the draw could be any bit, and it draws you to it, and you draw it, so its a mutual patting on the back interaction, you don’t have to go back to where you were in your last life time on the mundane planes, 6. so you go back to what you’re familiar with, 7. on the other hand, you don’t have to learn new cultures, so it feels safe, whether it is or not, 8. when someone tells you this is your last life time here, it means this area has no new learning for you, and its time for you to go somewhere else, 8. many they fight this tooth and nail, for they don’t want new, they want comfortable.

Bits are seeable, or not; they’re whole/full and outside, but in the consciousness, bits are memory, choice, listening, hearing, choosing, recording, and more. A friend, who went to scientology, for awhile, told me of a machine they use to see past bits or ? bits, that have a meaning for you right here and now, flying by you all during your total day.

I recognized this, as I had seen and felt these bits, formed from experiences, etc., of past-present-future. You don’t need a machine to pick up on these whiz bits, meaning they wiz by, and if you’re slow, they’re gone before you can recognize them, or interact with them.

What this shows us, tells us, our bodyminds, spirits, etc., hold things we don’t know about, but has, to do with us, and can be all time periods, at the same time.

We communicate with ourselves, and with our singular makeup, by recognizing bits, we hold in our totality, that aren’t stationary, but fly/whiz by non- linearly. They’re then flying/floating bit doorways, to what they’re a memory, etc. of.

We’re a bundle of bits, within a singular bodymind-spirit-                                                  ,. We’re not limited by the physical, but what we experience within ourselves, leading to seeing what these flying/whiz bits lead us to.

These flying/whiz bits are tied to these environments, actions, new knowledge, and once we use them, we’re there, and interacting with whatever that environment holds for us, so non-linear life experiences, all life experiences, can lead us to explore experiences, by interacting with our floating/whiz bits of our consciousness.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you- here and now!