(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


The question is- what is inspiration- in our lives; does it matter, whether we have inspiration or not?

Yes, we need it, in our lives; it brings our creativity,. our ideas, to see or solve, or create, so others can enjoy what our inspiration give us, can give them, also.

What can bring on inspiration, the letting go of thinking, and allowing ourselves to just feel what’s going on around us, or thinking, without limiting it, looking, for a doorway, within our thoughts, which will spark interest, and from that interest, build on it, to a full creative project, construction, art, business ideas, or more.

Inspiration is that moment, when we hit upon an energy streak, leading us to bring out something good, for us, and allows us to create, to build, to do or to live something we wouldn’t have done without our inspiration- hitting us with a shock, of Aha!

The best way to build upon inspiration, is by seeing what you see coming out of the Aha! moment, without limiting it, in anyway, until the inspiration has an outline, then a form, which gives insight, or creates a physical to do within us, to bring our inspiration-to life.

Inspiration, is that moment, when we go beyond our mind and into our ability to bypass limitation, and jump into a blaze of wonder and joy; we have a stone, we then build other stepping stones, from this one. We give reality to our mystical, physical, emotional, reality of the moment; from that reality we create- anew, within our daily living and creating to make us happy, and content, by doing, then finishing our inspiration, so it can be seen, heard, felt, or etc., by others.

They can be amazed by the beauty of mental free-wanderings, within itself, leading to activity in the physical/mental world, or to put it another way, the mundane world is given a blessing of Inspiration, by you, and they can have the joy of experiencing what you created, did, continue to do, build or act our.

We love inspiration, and within our beliefs, the Microcosmic Force helps us find inspiration within us, to develop it, with the help of the Microcosmic Force, in a networking creativity, which both learns from, experiences, enjoys and it’s a bodymind experience which is the apex of mental experiencing, of  creativity, bliss and pleasure.

The pleasure is experienced by others, who can experience a bliss outside of themselves, then  allows this bliss to gives them, a great feeling within, as they make the experience/the inspiration their own.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you Here and Now!