The mundane reality/physical/mental universe is Microcosmic Force Life Energy, and as life, it has varying degrees of consciousness, but all life energy has consciousness.

Everything is made from Microcosmic Force Life Energy, and each individual life form, and physical/mental forms, are life energy, too.

This means living and non-living ( or so its thought ) has a conscious stare of awareness, and has an aura showing its living life energy. This awareness is fairly active, and can be felt, or seen psychically, and/or knowing the consciousness of what you’re looking at, by trusting your feelings.

Physical objects, automobiles, buses, concrete, etc. all have a consciousness, because all are made of Microcosmic Force Life Energy, and these objects have consciousness, ergo they have an aura, and that aura can be read, or its movement can be felt by trusting your feelings.

Life makes up all that is, Microcosmic Force Life Energy, form shapes function, or function shapes form, but either way- shape has aura and wholeness/fullness, and can be known by trusting your feelings.

The level of consciousness, is what the object feels is needed for it to do what it’s made for, and to be able to tune into all life, wherever it may be, and whatever form it might take.

It reacts to love, and/or hate, the first is loving accepted, the second is transformed by Microcosmic Force Crystal White Light, and it protects itself from negative energy.

Physically, no matter what’s done to its mass, volume, etc., the consciousness stays the same, it simply experience its physical self, in the shape- it’s in now, ergo, metal into a sculpture or vice versa.

Respect all things, because all things are life energy and deserve your respect, and have innate and external self-awareness.

The oceans, seas , lakes, ponds streams all are communicative senders and receivers, as they talk with other forms of water, etc.. All water talks to others, and receive their communication back.

Nothing goes on in the Universe(s), water doesn’t know about, and it shares with all who will listen, around it, and with the planet, itself.

Life energy Microcosmic Force is everywhere, so life is everywhere, respect it, and live in harmony/truth with each object.