In the world today, there are many trials and tribulations; that man choose to go it alone, utilizing the philosophy/fashion of being a loner, thereby answering only to themselves.

This can be a lonely position, but this can be cured, if wanted, by looking out for, and finding a BFF ( Best Friends Forever This is a person you can depend on, or at least to a certain amount, after that your loner vibes kick in.

Most BFFs trust their BFFs and act on that attitude, so the bond between BFFs grows and grows. Jedi use BFFs, as a choice, and not as a need. They want to enjoy friends, and especially their BFFs.

Jedi see BFFs, and comparable to mates in Australia; this means that the relationship between them, is deeper and more like a trusted mobility and trust between you. You take care of their back, and they take care of yours.

The Jedi know that UFO Abductees within their Extended Family Networks, started the mate movement, to ease tensions, and to build a caring environment in the Extended Family Networks, made up of all the abductees held on the Stand, an island of 13 Motherships, creating a fullness of an floating island.

Australia is the founding country of mates, and have been so for decades, it is one of the vibrant live your life to the fullest, because you know your mate has your back and you theirs.

BFFs can be a mate, or it can be a more open relationship, which both of you create the limits of the relationship.

Mates, however, are in a relationship of steel, and because of this, their lives are enriched beyond compare. Having a Mate is a life living to the most move.

Choose which you want, but know either enhances your life and all that you do!