(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Anger is both a negative and a positive, it’s also a choice, so if you get angry and allow it to debilitate you, or you go into rage and blackout, you choose to do that, and you can”t say I had no control over it. Many persons say they can’t control their anger, they blackout, and are not responsible, for what they do when they blackout.

This is patently untrue, they choose to allow themselves to get that angry, usually to stop something bothering them from continuing, so they go into anger, then blind rage, afterwards they say I’m not responsible, but they are, for they allowed themselves, to go to this point, where they conveniently blackout, and thus not responsible, for anything they do.

Plain anger, in a negative sense, is when a person’s emotions, are stirred up by others, or at themselves. They’re habitually angry, thus driving people away; or get angry over the trifle of things, meaning they’re upset at something else, and are using this interaction or action, to let go of the anger they’re feeling, and need to point it toward somewhere, so they fly of the handle.

You can be miffed, meaning a tiny bit angry about something, but you talk yourself out of it, or tell the person directly you are angry, or put it in a positive way, saying to the person, or etc., I am feeling angry with you now, I am miffed at you, because I’m feeling you’re not listening to me, etc.

Jedi, use the last approach, to say they’re angry, what they’re angry about, and don’t hold it in; they utilize Microcosmic Force Blessings on their miffness, their anger or their rage, to bring it down to where it can be gotten rid of positively, by sharing what you’re feeling directly with the person; or work through it with yourself, so you let go of your anger through working it out psychologically, sociologically, or spiritually, with the person, who isn’t in front of you, but you role play the person, etc. is there, and you work out your anger in this way.

All of which is not keeping the anger in, but dealing with it directly, working it out by talking it out with yourself in a positive, and loving way, or do bodymind work, by moving and stretching, etc., your bodymind, so you work out your anger.

Jedi use anger to accomplish something, when things seem to be going wrong, but within a safe way, so the anger turns to motion, strength, and self-worth, showing yourself you;re responsible for yourself, and you’re in truth, a true Jedi or a true Dream Dancer.