(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

When looking out at the Universe, Galaxies, solar systems, planets, home planets, planetary populations, and how they live, you may feel all is physical matter, wrong!

The Great Cosmic Illusion, that all of this is real, and it’s reality; any other way of looking at it is wrong! The mundane realities are real, and planet is  physical/mental, ergo life is limited, like on the planet Earth.

However, this is wrong, life in the Universe seems to be scientist  sound, but they and you are wrong! All mundane realities, are dreams, and everything within them is a dream symbol. Does this make them less reassuring to all forms of life, that the life they’re leading, is wrong, and they are fools.

No, for these dreams, by the Dreamer Prime, are symbolic dreams, which are non-moving, until the spirits/beings go into the symbols, making them capable of motility, and rounding out each symbol, into multidimensional wholeness, representing the spirit, that comes into it.The spirit itself, cannot, for it would make the mundane lose its griping of its dream idea, from the Dreamer Prime, and thus would simply either fade away, or change the dream symbol bodymind into shapings, of each individual self, but the shapings would be not individual, but Paramatic, meaning it would be twisted and mutilated..

The spirit can’t go into the bodymind, without destroying it, of disfiguring it, for it’s a lower level of energy shaping, and the spirit would do away with that shaping, and lose the dream symbol it wants to use, to be able to incarnate into it, or reincarnate into a physical/mental bodymind, held within the whole of the Universe, ergo, each shaping creates the creativity of the Universe, and maintains its individual shape.

The spirit creates a life plan, for the individual to go through, when they incarnate, which is still spiritually attached strongly. The life plan shapes itself, to the dream symbol, and the dream symbol becomes living, at first without any idea of the soul, or life plan. It’s given the moment to be free of any life plan, to simply get orientated with its new position on/in the physical/mental Universe, Galaxy, solar system, planets, home planet, planetary population, and home family.

This time period, which is usually only a matter of two weeks, or at the most six weeks, and this is a lot of time, for the symbol bodymind, to not being inductive into his/her/its new life. the Microcosmic Force watches over the new life, so it is safe, from any dream symbol shenanigans.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!