(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


There are many symbols in everyone’s daily living, work, spiritual pursuits, some are positive, and some are negative, the most known is the ying and yang,  black and white, balances each other out.

Everyday symbols, abound as well, such as an auto symbol, like Buick, every auto has a maker, and that maker designs a symbol, which stands for his/her brand, like Kenmore washers.

The company, the religion, the logo of products, all are symbols, which we come to know, mainly by this symbol, rather, than what it produces and stands for.

Symbols are to be a shortcut, to the buying public’s mind, so when they see it, they know all about the product, or trust the logo, for its fine products,they’re looking at, now.

In relationships, lovers give each other nicknames, that stands for all that person is, and the interest, the other party has in that person. Engagement rings and the engagements themselves, are symbolic of the love the two or more share, for each other.

A negative-positive symbol, is marriage, with one man and one woman, the nuclear family, they’re a symbol of the culture, in which they live.

A positive, which others might consider a negative, is where a relationship has more than two, and they form they’re own kind of family. EnviroRadiance accepts all kinds of love:relationships, for the members want to make a marriage, or tribe, where the members are there as long as they wish to be, when they no longer want to be there, they choose to travel on.

Another negative-positive is advertising, promotions, signs, and so on, most today see these ads with either distaste or ignoring them, in many ways.

Symbols can be positive to one network of viewers, and negative to another network, which can lead to rhetoric against each other, that can lead to violence, which we deplore, we practice non-violence until our physical bodymind comes into danger, then we handle the situation to protect our bodymind to the best of our ability.

In our own way we’re symbols, as well, we’re symbols, for all that we are, and thereby are living symbols, interacting with each other, bringing symbols to another level, an interactive exchange between living symbols.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!