(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017


One of the questions each of us has, do we need to travel to spiritual spots, to see spiritual teachers; the answer is no, but if you like to travel to different countries, then by all means, travel to the spiritual mecca you want to explore, and take lessons from the spiritual leader you’re drawn to.

However, you don’t have to travel physically, to contact these spiritual places, persons, actions and so on. You can experience all of this, by meditating, moving to spiritual insight, living a blessed life, doing good toward yourself and all peoples, etc., everywhere.

My first psychic teacher, Mrs Edith Gable, told me, that I didn’t have to go anywhere, other than where I find myself, right here and now. I never forgot it, and I live my life here, and have visited many spiritual places, many astral planes ( this isn’t as good of an idea as it might sound ), and spiritual teachers, including Don Juan, Carlos Castenada, yogis, psychics, and so on.

The same holds for you, you don’t have to go anywhere to grow spiritually, simply by going to spiritual places via your spiritual mind, or interacting with spiritual persons, anywhere on the planet or in the Universes. the lessons are valid and fulfilling.

One of the places I went to was Tibet, which has a deep draw for me, and what I found there was/is very enlightening. You can do the same, however, remember at all times protect yourself with Super Microcosmic Force Crystal White Light Love Life Energy, globular, and reflecting any negatives, into the universe.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!