(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We’re, now, going to look at our everyday lives, and the many symbols, which are, in our daily lives. There are more than you imagine.

First, everything you do, see, act upon, interact with and so on, is both symbol, for others, and many times, on a spiritual level, or a mundane level, your actions are both symbolic and real.

We can see that our daily lives have symbolic interactions, in the segments of wholes that we partake in, ergo, everything you do is made up whole experiences, and when you move, or focus on something else, you begin a new symbology whole.

To understand this, we look to dreams, in which, the dreams have many aspects, and those aspects change to what the dream is trying to tell you. Each segment of the dream is a whole in itself, and is symbolic, for itself, and the other wholes in the dream.

Be aware of the many whole life segments you’re involved in, each day, and look at them, and feel, if they are new real, or they’re symbolic, and they can be both.

To understand the elements of each whole, and the whole as a symbolic to other wholes, in the same process dream-environment, or if you see an element you feel is a symbolic whole, for something, in a past dream environment, or is related to something going on in your daily life, that stands out, or doesn’t, until this whole symbolic segment, is going on or is done, and you get an Ah! Ha! Experience, of a tie to this other whole or wholes. You can use role playing to work with all the symbol elements in the interaction, or in how the whole segments are in a dream environment as well, and you can work with them as you do of the elements in a particular dream environment/dream.

To work with all of these, one element at a time, of the elements within each whole segment, or use each whole segment, as an element in a dream, in which all the whole segments, are used as a single element, within the daily dream, you use role playing!

Good Dreaming!