(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2012   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Mundane realities, or at least, Earth Science, and Outside determination to win over others and the environment, are linear experiences, and belief knowledge is only found in science, and life experience.

Life experience is survival, meaning its at its most important level, is to see and gain knowledge of Outside dangers, network values, nation values, religious values, atheist values, and so on.

These are low mundane experiences, meaningful, but only to allow you to go beyond them, and not limit yourself, to these Outside beliefs and experiences. This gives you Outside knowledge, to live life in the physical and mental realms, so you can learn, until life is on automatic. You can, then, choose what your want to do and what you want to believe, all based on Outside experiencing.

Those who want to only live in what they know, this is enough and they make their lives, trying to win over the interactions in Outside, that draws them in, and has them put their inner centers out in Outside, rather than themselves.

This means even if they win at outsmarting everyone, etc., in Outside, they lose, for they have alienated themselves from their bodymind, being, spirit and ,                             ,. This means their reason for being/living/accomplishment, is in the hands of Outside, for even, when you think your winning over others and scenarios, Outside is the winner, for you simply become an outlet, of competition, where others are going to try to win over you.

( King of the Hill- complex )

Those who feel empathy, lost, not happy, realize being caught up in Outside competitions, and wealth making, gives them things, but their inner self, knows this isn’t healthy, so the person, starts looking for other answers.  This is spiritual seeking, doing, meditation, reading spiritual books, watching spiritual videos, etc..

However, it’s still doing it in Outside ways, for the spiritual journey, they take, is the way of the macrocosmic way, where there are top dogs and underdogs, or winners/losers, so this is Outside spirituality, and means you lose, even if you win.

You have to bring your inner center back into yourself, and now, Outside is subject to your knowing, the only act you can do to be true to yourself, meaning this path is microcosmic, and is inner directed, and all choices, and experiences, are chosen, done by trusting you feeling, and by doing the only act you can do to be true to yourself.

You now are a whole within yourself, and you do by what you feel is right for you to do, and Outside is angry, for you are no longer seduce by the win/lose of Outside.

You have opened whole new life experiences, in which, you develop psychic/telepathic/spiritual talents abilities and skills, giving you an indication, of the level of wholeness/fullness you have found in yourself, and guides your actions and your life, via Self-Genesis.

You, now, walk a Microcosmic Force path, and you advance into more depth spirituality as you meditate, do microcosmic force spiritual actions/deeds/etc..

Distance becomes not the area between objects, but what you can perceive, is simply a step away, energy wise, and physical/mental realms, as well. Non-linear Realities!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, right here and now!