# 137 Authority or Self-Authority

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


The best statement about authority, outside ourselves, is ” Question Authority “; authority many times are what the rich and powerful demand the governments do, so they can get richer and more powerful.

This authority many times leads to homeless, poor, broke, debt collectors, criminals of all divisions in society.

Authority of the government may start off being benign, but it soon, starts escalating to those who want power, or those who want to use government/law to back their business dealings, and add to their already gotten riches.

Social stratas, also, fall victim to the need for power and wealth, men believe they’re wiser than women, not all men, but the rich and powerful, see them as trinkets they have around them, to add to their mystique and eye for beauty.

Lawyers, politicians, etc. all want to make more money, so they do domestic/business authority representation in the courts, and in the federal government, state/county/town/villages all over the stated boundaries of any state.

Power mongers start building powerbases, which include in the government itself, in business associates, which lead to rich employment after they no longer serve, self-serve is more like it, so they can maintain their lavicious lifestyle.

Power breeds revolution, and the sarcasm of this, is the revolutionaries become what at the beginning they wanted to take down. They become self-powermongers in their own right.

Those who want power, decide whether they’re going to do it legally, or set up criminal organizations, or self-crime, to build their power, and run an antithesis, to the police state, who laughing, say they serve the public.

The ones in power want to stay in power, so they build intelligence agencies, read- criminal organizations , courts, law books, build parties to fight each other, but in reality they’re the same coin.

The public is the one who is constantly raped, and beat- to a minute inch of their lifestyles, as government wants more and more taxes, in the United States and other countries, for more and more military, big brother operations and equipment, to become a dictatorate. They wish to enslave and have power over the public, so they win, and the public loses, then the road to power, has more meaning, than just saying ” I want power.  ”

Outside, is also Outside Power, thus the only true freedom, is self-authority, where each of us, listen to our feelings, and act in the only way we can to be true to ourselves, and in doing this- to the others around us.

Self-authority makes the rest of Outside nervous, for you aren’t caught up in the games of outside, which when you are, your inner center is placed outside, by you, giving up your right and duty, to be self-authority.

Self-authority is the only true authority, any other is false, and of the Outside.

The Outside exists to capture those within its borders, to its multitude of games, crimes, winners, money winners, so the person gets so caught up in the drama, they literally try to rationalize they can win over whatever game they play, so their inner center is now outside of themselves.

This is the cause of pain, fear, destruction, wanting power, wanting to win the game and be a user of its rewards. It is the rules of business, state, and in-common nations.

You are the only one, who can make decisions for you, that are the only act you can do to be true to yourself!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

# 136 Anarchy

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


When you hear anarchy, does your mind go directly to the kind of anarchy, most known in the world, guerrilla anarchy, bombs, assassinations, etc.. This isn’t the kind of anarchy I’m talking about.

The anarchy I’m talking about is a caring one, a self-guiding one, in which, the person, guides themselves, make their own decisions, and trusts their feelings.

I call this Spiritual Anarchy, for this is what happens, when you accept, you are self-responsible, for all you do, and a co-responsibility in that which happens to you.

You’re not responsible, for what others do, only what you choose to do, or choose not to.

Dream Dancers, Jedi Knights, and the Jedi, all are Spiritual Anarchists, for each take full responsibility, for their lives, the decisions they make or don’t make, not listening to their inner source, or listening, the path they choose to live, and the things they’re interested in, or make their life works, fun, etc..

The outlaw movement toward Spiritual Anarchists, or as Enviroradience says, Jedi Knights, the Jedi, and the Dream Dancer(s); doesn’t need anyone to make our decisions, choices, fun. living preferences, and how we see ourselves. The Jedi live within communities, who choose to be caught up in the Outside, and everything that declares. It is a world, that wants conformity, and we’re not conformists, we’re free agents, to do what is best for us, and that’s all.

This means, we’re bombarded by the Outside trying to entice us to do that which may or may not be good for us, example banks, finance companies, etc. want us to go into debt, by borrowing from them, and when we can’t pay our debt, they make money by seizing what we own, to pay off our debt, the Golden Boys and Girls of Outside, they’re right there- with governments, militaries, etc..

Outside wants to control you, make you do things good for it, and bad for you, and unfortunately, many fall into the trap, and end up out on the street.

The Outside, is your enemy, when you make good decisions, by yourself, which symbolize your choice of deciding for yourself. The Outside is so hard to resist, because when your born, your life is decided for you, by parents, doctors, etc., so you grow to depend on the Outside, for life, and happiness.

We all need the necessities of life, but we don’t have to buy into, letting marketing, governments, business, crime bosses, etc., make our choices for us. We can live in society, and make our own lives, without listening, or wanting- the Outside in our lives, we make all decisions and bring to us what we need.

Love and sex especially is an Outside trick, if you listen to your mind, who is flooded with messages from the Outside, on a 24/7 basis.

Spiritual Anarchy is being individual in all situations, make your own decisions, trust in the Microcosmic Force, which resides in you, and networks, with all other beings outside of  you, who wants to make you believe you need, have to have, what Outside is trying to sell you, by getting into your mind, so you become an advocate of Outside, and a spear of darkness, to infect you, to be an Outside lover, fan and follower, ergo, another soldier in making others be a follower, too.

Dream Dancing, Jedi Knights, and the Jedi, can be said to be Spiritual Anarchists, for they do no fall for the incitements Outside want them to. They stand tall, by trusting their feelings and only acting in the only way they can act to be themselves.

May the Microcosmic Force, be with you, here and now!

# 135 Hippie Lifestyles

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Hippie lifestyles, in the media, show long hair, on both men and women, who want natural things, rather than store bought, high payments on credit cards, family oriented, demonstrators, mini-skirts, long skirts, psychedelic colors, creative fashions, with color and fashion plates hitting the streets in fashion magazines, and on TV, cable, and more.

I am an old Hippie, however, I don’t do drugs, and I dress the way I want to, so the idea that Hippies only come in one form, is completely ridiculous. Hippies take many social forms, from rich to poor, from farmer to industrialist, and so on.

I enjoy my hippieness, I love and respect women, I love and respect men, I’m against mass violence, and for demonstrations: which bring on police brutality; along with the presence of the CIA, the President of the United States, Trump and the Republicans, who thrive on business, who want war to be able to get new resources, so their companies profits, grow, and what if it cost American boys their lives, over all its a small amount who die, while the rest are consumers, who want to buy, and they want to sell.

Lobbyists are the biggest problem in politics, its free flowing money, to get on the politician’s good side, and many fall for it. Lobbyist work for businesses, who have a particular business and political point of view; the Lobbyist have the inside on getting to Congress people, white house people, and their minions.

Hippies love Peace, Flower Power and philosophy, as well as, spiritual living, so they and all around them benefit in the Love Power, they show to those around them, through their non-violence way of living, even against corrupt political power, and police abuse and criminal activity against demonstrators.

Peace, Flower Power, Love Power, and Kindness Power, be open and honest in your living, and do kindness, for anyone in need, if you feel it’s important, for you to do that.

Peace, Flower Power, Love Power and Kindness Power, doesn’t mean joy of life only to those who look the part of Hippies, but for every person, who believes in them, and show it in their daily living.

That’s right folks- duds don’t make you a category, but your feelings, your trust in yourself, and your love of self and others, make you a Hippie, and civil disobedience is the way to bring about transformation in a political sense, social sense, and a legal sense.

Again, not everyone sees non-violence as the choice end, some of us, myself included, believe in non-violence, but if violence comes to us we have the responsibility to protect ourselves, from legal/political authority, trying to beat us into submission. We will protect ourselves, from this brutish truth of political power.

Republicans and Democrats in politics, in Congress, etc., are all wealthy, millionaires, who have no respect, for those who aren’t. They vote in the way, that protect themselves, and their own kind, where the Democrats, used to be for the working class, they’re now above it, and forgotten how to live simple, and with love and affection, for all around them.

Peace, Flower Power, Love Power, Kindness Power, and Sexual Expression Power, where sex with others is a way of getting to know them, and to become closer, and at the same time, creating a lifestyle, where marriage isn’t as important as love and interactive living with family, extended family, and etc., to not worry about who the father of the child is, for all are responsible, for all children.

Of course, with the advent of AIDS, and other diseases, sexual activity, has slowed down, and men and women, want to keep themselves, and others safe, so they do what is healthy and wise, in their sexual relationships, with those they choose to go to bed with.

Hippies were drawn toward the land, the ideal was/is to buy land and live off the land, however, not all Hippies, share that value, and that’s okay, urban folk/rural folk, traveling folk, and so on,  see other ways of living as more beneficial for them, and this is beautiful, and all need to respect their way of living, as they do natural oriented-hippies.

Hippies want to be healthy, so they do physical fitness, as well as, hard work on the land, or on the farm, where urban hippies, do the same, but its to keep themselves happy, and at peace, in the whirl of the Outside.

Love one another, practice Random Acts of Kindness, Flower Power, Peace, Love power, and Wisdom Power, through self-awareness, spirituality and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

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