(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Hippie lifestyles, in the media, show long hair, on both men and women, who want natural things, rather than store bought, high payments on credit cards, family oriented, demonstrators, mini-skirts, long skirts, psychedelic colors, creative fashions, with color and fashion plates hitting the streets in fashion magazines, and on TV, cable, and more.

I am an old Hippie, however, I don’t do drugs, and I dress the way I want to, so the idea that Hippies only come in one form, is completely ridiculous. Hippies take many social forms, from rich to poor, from farmer to industrialist, and so on.

I enjoy my hippieness, I love and respect women, I love and respect men, I’m against mass violence, and for demonstrations: which bring on police brutality; along with the presence of the CIA, the President of the United States, Trump and the Republicans, who thrive on business, who want war to be able to get new resources, so their companies profits, grow, and what if it cost American boys their lives, over all its a small amount who die, while the rest are consumers, who want to buy, and they want to sell.

Lobbyists are the biggest problem in politics, its free flowing money, to get on the politician’s good side, and many fall for it. Lobbyist work for businesses, who have a particular business and political point of view; the Lobbyist have the inside on getting to Congress people, white house people, and their minions.

Hippies love Peace, Flower Power and philosophy, as well as, spiritual living, so they and all around them benefit in the Love Power, they show to those around them, through their non-violence way of living, even against corrupt political power, and police abuse and criminal activity against demonstrators.

Peace, Flower Power, Love Power, and Kindness Power, be open and honest in your living, and do kindness, for anyone in need, if you feel it’s important, for you to do that.

Peace, Flower Power, Love Power and Kindness Power, doesn’t mean joy of life only to those who look the part of Hippies, but for every person, who believes in them, and show it in their daily living.

That’s right folks- duds don’t make you a category, but your feelings, your trust in yourself, and your love of self and others, make you a Hippie, and civil disobedience is the way to bring about transformation in a political sense, social sense, and a legal sense.

Again, not everyone sees non-violence as the choice end, some of us, myself included, believe in non-violence, but if violence comes to us we have the responsibility to protect ourselves, from legal/political authority, trying to beat us into submission. We will protect ourselves, from this brutish truth of political power.

Republicans and Democrats in politics, in Congress, etc., are all wealthy, millionaires, who have no respect, for those who aren’t. They vote in the way, that protect themselves, and their own kind, where the Democrats, used to be for the working class, they’re now above it, and forgotten how to live simple, and with love and affection, for all around them.

Peace, Flower Power, Love Power, Kindness Power, and Sexual Expression Power, where sex with others is a way of getting to know them, and to become closer, and at the same time, creating a lifestyle, where marriage isn’t as important as love and interactive living with family, extended family, and etc., to not worry about who the father of the child is, for all are responsible, for all children.

Of course, with the advent of AIDS, and other diseases, sexual activity, has slowed down, and men and women, want to keep themselves, and others safe, so they do what is healthy and wise, in their sexual relationships, with those they choose to go to bed with.

Hippies were drawn toward the land, the ideal was/is to buy land and live off the land, however, not all Hippies, share that value, and that’s okay, urban folk/rural folk, traveling folk, and so on,  see other ways of living as more beneficial for them, and this is beautiful, and all need to respect their way of living, as they do natural oriented-hippies.

Hippies want to be healthy, so they do physical fitness, as well as, hard work on the land, or on the farm, where urban hippies, do the same, but its to keep themselves happy, and at peace, in the whirl of the Outside.

Love one another, practice Random Acts of Kindness, Flower Power, Peace, Love power, and Wisdom Power, through self-awareness, spirituality and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!