(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


When you hear anarchy, does your mind go directly to the kind of anarchy, most known in the world, guerrilla anarchy, bombs, assassinations, etc.. This isn’t the kind of anarchy I’m talking about.

The anarchy I’m talking about is a caring one, a self-guiding one, in which, the person, guides themselves, make their own decisions, and trusts their feelings.

I call this Spiritual Anarchy, for this is what happens, when you accept, you are self-responsible, for all you do, and a co-responsibility in that which happens to you.

You’re not responsible, for what others do, only what you choose to do, or choose not to.

Dream Dancers, Jedi Knights, and the Jedi, all are Spiritual Anarchists, for each take full responsibility, for their lives, the decisions they make or don’t make, not listening to their inner source, or listening, the path they choose to live, and the things they’re interested in, or make their life works, fun, etc..

The outlaw movement toward Spiritual Anarchists, or as Enviroradience says, Jedi Knights, the Jedi, and the Dream Dancer(s); doesn’t need anyone to make our decisions, choices, fun. living preferences, and how we see ourselves. The Jedi live within communities, who choose to be caught up in the Outside, and everything that declares. It is a world, that wants conformity, and we’re not conformists, we’re free agents, to do what is best for us, and that’s all.

This means, we’re bombarded by the Outside trying to entice us to do that which may or may not be good for us, example banks, finance companies, etc. want us to go into debt, by borrowing from them, and when we can’t pay our debt, they make money by seizing what we own, to pay off our debt, the Golden Boys and Girls of Outside, they’re right there- with governments, militaries, etc..

Outside wants to control you, make you do things good for it, and bad for you, and unfortunately, many fall into the trap, and end up out on the street.

The Outside, is your enemy, when you make good decisions, by yourself, which symbolize your choice of deciding for yourself. The Outside is so hard to resist, because when your born, your life is decided for you, by parents, doctors, etc., so you grow to depend on the Outside, for life, and happiness.

We all need the necessities of life, but we don’t have to buy into, letting marketing, governments, business, crime bosses, etc., make our choices for us. We can live in society, and make our own lives, without listening, or wanting- the Outside in our lives, we make all decisions and bring to us what we need.

Love and sex especially is an Outside trick, if you listen to your mind, who is flooded with messages from the Outside, on a 24/7 basis.

Spiritual Anarchy is being individual in all situations, make your own decisions, trust in the Microcosmic Force, which resides in you, and networks, with all other beings outside of  you, who wants to make you believe you need, have to have, what Outside is trying to sell you, by getting into your mind, so you become an advocate of Outside, and a spear of darkness, to infect you, to be an Outside lover, fan and follower, ergo, another soldier in making others be a follower, too.

Dream Dancing, Jedi Knights, and the Jedi, can be said to be Spiritual Anarchists, for they do no fall for the incitements Outside want them to. They stand tall, by trusting their feelings and only acting in the only way they can act to be themselves.

May the Microcosmic Force, be with you, here and now!