(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


In number #17, we saw how everything begins with rhythm; rhythm coming together, to create life, through self-balancing movement created by rhythm and then becoming whole unto itself.

We now have: ,                                                                                                              , which is us, the us we can never know, for it’s beyond our style, or how we perceive ourselves, to be that which is never what can be seen, for rhythm, is creation, and creation is always creating. Whether this creating can slow down a little, to be able to give the spirit and the total being, a message and an insight into where they are at, and what they need to do to live a life full of fun and enlightenment, and play, begins with creative style.

Style was invented by the Prime, or the first being, to become whole, and seeable, through psychic vision, and the dance of style and rhythm.

Style begins, when a being in the making, sees itself, through how it wants to be, to be whole and happy. Seeing itself, means creating a spirit, which is the true edification, of who, this being is beginning to see itself, as.

In this phase, there is no outside, only the building of spirit, through the dance of rhythm and style. The building of life energy, meaning a slowing rhythm transversing itself, from unknowable, to being able to be seen, but knowable, only to the limit the spirit wants to be.

Style is the creating of self-identity, knowing you’re separate, from all other beings, and the rhythm of love and the style of self-love, starts to round itself out, into Spirit, and this spirit searches within itself, to see who it is, how it is, what it is, when it is and above all where it is and where it’s supposed to be or going or doing.

Style’s main shaping is ” in the doing “; doing means accomplishing what the rhythm-style realizes it likes, dislikes and how to be only that it likes. It is the forming of self-responsibility. Self-love. Self-seeing. Self-knowing. Self-awareness of being self, whole within your self.

Doing is also not doing, when the spirit realizes, what it is feeling, means something it knows needs to be shaped differently, and so it does ( a form of do ), shaping within itself – to create the perfect balance, within this random life energy vibration, and its balanced movement with all the other life energy streams, creating the music of life.

Along with the shaping of the spirit, and the life energy being created to express how it sees itself, is the awareness of itself, as not the whole of the being, but a sync-symbol, of life or living patterns to be explored, and translating this into the whole of the movement whole of being.

This means that spirit isn’t the whole of what you are, but is in fact a synthesis spirit symbol, a living, experiencing life inhabitor, of value, as a way of experiencing life in all its meaning.

Symbols are high in value, life energy, seeing, know and living, meaning- as they are of the highest value in the wholeness of its being, so does it translate down into the incarnation of each of the spirit’s, giving information, and understanding to the whole, of which it is a symbol of. It’s self-exploring, of itself, free to do as it wishes, for the You, the whole being, utilizing sync-symbols, to experience life in a multi-dimensional subjective way!

The Prime You, saw these symbols, needing something to experience in, so out of this need, the Prime You dreamed, and it/whole dreamed up dream symbols, universes of potential experiences available to its symbol spirits, as living symbols, within the dream state of experiencing life, others and continue to realize these states are only dreams, and have no reality past that.

This didn’t last long, for the Three, You’s wanted to worship Prime, and Prime said no, they’re whole in themselves and the bounty of freedom is to be you, and experience in your own beautiful way.

This angered the Second, and Three, Four and Five; he told them he/she/it is the creator of all things. They need to worship him/her/it; and by doing so, they would be his handpicked leaders, to bring other You’s into the belief that Second is their creator, and to worship him, directly, or through his Emissaries three, four and five.

The beginning of good and bad, had begun.

Individual truth was/is available to any spirit/person/individual; but to do so, they must accept they’re the highest of the high, for them, for anyone else, we want what is best for them, and not for those who follow, etc. them.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You, right here and now!