EnviroRadiance Spiritual/Mundane Classes, Certificates

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014-5


Certification classes are to give you a solid introduction to the subject, and to have you have an understanding of the subject.

These are our certification classes, we have available now, more will be added as we go along:

1. Aura Reading- shows you how to read the energy around everything, and how to use it to go to the past and the future in your readings.

2. Psychometry- here you hold an object of a client, and read for them, off the object, can be done holding, or viewing object.

3. Psychometry Palmistry- you read the palms of your clients, and look at the symbols you see within them.

4. Moon Personology Chartmaking- the ten minute way to make a chart, then give a reading off of it.

5. Paranormal Classes I, II, III- covers the paranormal subjects, the positive aspects of this field.

6. Naturist Lifestyle- enjoying nature, and utilize the naked bodymind to do psychic work.

7. Bodymind Counseling- working with the total bodymind, including spiritual centers within the bodymind.

8. Spirit Personality- how to recognize the positive within your personality, and the negative, transform the negative, to positive, and to have a spiritual demeanor.

9. Spirit Dancing- moving in rhythm and harmony, with music and with your Microcosmic Life Energy flowing, vibrating, and streaming. Using your spirit to know what needs to be shown by the movements of your bodymind.

10. Finding information about any subject, through spiritual role playing- here we teach you a method of finding out information, on the past, present or future events.

11. UFO abductions- are they real, what do they mean, and what do the aliens want with us.

12. Sexual Energy- your bodymind flows with sexual energy, and builds till you have an orgasm, or take it within yourself, to use for psychic work.

13. You as individual- learning you’re self-genesis.

14. Dreams- a symbolic reality.

15. Using objects- the world of using magic items, to create results, including cards.

16. Tarot Reading- Celtic, and whatever works for you.

17. Past Life/Future Life Counseling- methodology and experience

18. Astral Projection- how to leave your body and explore wherever you want to go.

19. Five Color Rainbow- how to see, feel and use the five major colors of  life and psychic.



All classes are 3 units, unless specifically shown it’s more, each class runs $ 90, if paid all at once, the class is $ 75; special prices for classes of more than three units. All classes are computer learning, digital video, etc..

Certificate given at the completion of a class.




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