Jedi Enlightners

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

Jedi Enlightners are the backbone of the Jedi, they are the caretakers of those who work, live, play and create under the auspices of being a Jedi.

They are the guides of the Fellowship, and are the providers of the truth, which is Jedi, and the Microcosmic Force.

Jedi Enlightners are the ones that head up all facets of the Jedi, and work hand in hand with the Jedi Knights, and Rowdies Rangers.

They serve the Jedi, and are the pillars of the truth which is Jedi!

They must show their devotion to Jedi philosophy and workings; show their intent by being active in EnviroRadiance  projects, healing, spiritual teachings, and personal journey of coming to know themselves as Jedi.

They are the leaders that the Masters of Jedi, the Jedi Council, trust to watch over all those who come to find answers, healing, and knowledge, which will help them in their searching for the truth of their spirit, and the joy of loving themselves and other Jedi.

They work hand in hand with the spiritual head of EnviroRadiance- Rev. Dr. Terry Floyd Johnson, or The Teacher.

The Teacher is a guide, and is the administrator of the business end of the fellowship, in which chosen Spirit Enlightners, help, to oversee the healthy cash flow, and monies, for different projects are gained, and watched over by the Spirit Enlightners, whose area the projects are done in l

Spirit Enlighners are the final word on those things that go on in their area of spiritual influence, but more their spiritual love, for all the Jedi, and the communities, in which they serve, and want to serve, as Jedi Enlightners..

To become a Spirit Enlightner, you must make a formal request to the Teacher, or his Spirit Brethren , who help in the administration, of EnviroRadiance , but can only come through their Spirit Enlightner, or if they make a direct request to the Teacher; resume; how well they fit into the teaching, living and sharing among the Jedi, take a number of classes, and receive a Certificate of the Microcosmic Force/Certificate of Achievement, and do an internship, for one year, under a Spirit Enlightner.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!




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