(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013


Who are the Jedi? The Jedi are those, who want to know the Microcosmic Force, in their own way, and in their own time. They want to be taught tangible lessons, which they can use in their everyday lives.

They want to be able to use it with their families, to give to each family member a sense of wholeness, fullness- in their own individuality, and in their own inner awareness- of the Microcosmic Force.

The Jedi are taught by the Spiritual Enlightners, those who have trained with the Way Listener/The Way Pilot, or have been trained, in fellowship with the Microcosmic Force, directly.

Spiritual Enlightners are the head of the Jedi path, within  EnviroRadiance, just as Jedi Knights are the trainers of new blood, who want to become Jedi Knights.

The alternative path is that of Dream Dancing, which is taught directely by Dream Dancers, who are trained by The Way Listener/The Way Pilot, Zoua, the head of EnviroRadiance Fellowship.

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