Jedi Intermediaries

Jedi Intermediaries are the chosen, who work with the Jedi Enlightners,  to work with those who follow the ways of the Jedi.

They’re lay Jedi, who want to do more for the Fellowship, and who are willing to go through training, to become a steadfast, icon of the Fellowship.

To become a Jedi Intermediary, you must give an resume, and a description of why you want to be a Jedi Intermediary.

It helps if you are active in the fellowship, and show yourself to be a conscientious Jedi, who is willing to help fellow Jedi, or those, who are looking into seeing what Jedi are, and do.

All are welcome to come to services, on the web, right now, but later, we will open real time areas, for the Fellowship, to go forth, from.

You must have 3 references, from those who know you, and what you’re capabilities are.

Please bring a copy of your grades, if you are still in school.

16 classes are needed to get the position of Jedi Intermediary.

You will receive a certificate of Jedi Intermediary.

You will be in a position of the workings of the EnviorRadiance Fellowship.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


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