Mission Statement

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

 Mission Statement

Enviroradiance is a microcosmic- self-genesis fellowship; practicing microcosmic spirituality, in all aspects of our lives, by practicing and utilizing individual psychic/spiritual/telepathis  talents, abilities, and skills, drawing upon our own individuality to do this, as we are the highest power for us, there is.

We practice our spirituality in the way we move, the way we hold ourselves, in our awareness of our and others psychological and spiritual actions, which when done without thought of making strings, for what we’re doing, helps us, and the one we’re helping, educating, and showing how to open themselves up- to their own inner beauty and Highest Energy.

We firmly believe in the presence of extra-terrestrials involving themselves in the human experience, but we work with those who are interested in this area of research, and those who aren’t ,have plenty of wonder to discover, within themselves, through meditation, listening to our feelings, trusting our feelings, and acting on them to the best of our ability.

We’re going to train Jedi Knights, and we are a member of the 8th largest religion in Britain- Jedi Knights. We train our Jedi Knights in the way of the Microcosmic Force, which is quiet different, from the Force, looked to, by those in Britain.

We know not everyone wants to travel that path, and we look to those who want to learn and live by the principles, ethics and philosophy of Enviroradiance, we call them the Jedi.

The Jedi person can work within the fellowship, by training for specialoist areas, such as training to be a Jedi Pioneer, or a Jedi Insighter, or to be a spiritual guide by becoming a leader- within the fellowship, within the Jedi, as a Jedi Enlightner, or within your own volition, to be a PeaceCreator, one, who creates peace within themselves, and practices it in their everyday life.

Other areas: Jedi Professors, Jedi Scholars, Jedi Researchers, Jedi Administration, Jedi Station Masters, Jedi Echelon, Jedi Messengers, and be one of the Jedi Council.

The head of EnviroRadiance Fellowship is the Way Listener/The Teacher; he is a Dream Dancer, and works with Rowdies Rangers, as well. He knows he must protect himself, and find the way for others to protect themselves, from Extra-Terrestrial influence, which has been going on for centuries.

However, this is only one area of his work, for he teaches microcosmic spirituality, utilizes Microcosmic Force Blessings, and is ever learning and expanding his own awareness of his life, and the problems the Outside brings to the individual.

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