# 5 Halos

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Everyday interactions are symbolic Dream Symbols, or, are, here and now- true action, so what is being seen is truth; truth stands out, from everything else, and no other action, needs to be seen.

This is the encapsulation of the mundane levels, and actions, through scenarios, interactive movements and sounds, which are dream elements, and can be worked with, to find out what each element means to you, or to someone else, who you know, and can tell.

However, just because you see the interactive scenario, doesn’t mean you have to share it with the person it is done for, for that person may not be in the space to hear, understand, or see what’s being given him or her, thus would cause more distress, at this time, than help and/or healing.

We, now, look at the spiritual worlds, actions, interactions, when you’re in a spiritual mode, interacting with you, in a spiritual frame of dream symbols scenarios. What this means- you’re in your higher consciousness state; meaning you’re a high energy source, for those, who are in need, who are doing a service, for you, by entering the environment around your here and now dream environment. It’s within your spiritual scenario, but this energy, halo energy, brings in those elements/symbols, which are needed, to have you work with it, and at the same time, your scenario, is a dream/symbol for those actions, people, etc., you bring in to be a reflection of what is happening within your spiritual, interactive scenario.

Each and everyone of these interactive/spiritual/life energy broadcasting, work in a multitude of levels, and is different, for each in those different levels. Each scenario symbolizes different consciousness awareness,working through the symbol or symbols, from each participant point of view, of the scenario you are spiritually creating, on your consciousness spiritual, interactive scenario.

So, be aware, all dream symbology interactions and environments, can be much more than just for you, but something, for everything involved, or those, who are watching the scenario carried out, or is seen by their unconscious and subconscious, and influences the element, which doesn’t even know they’re in a spiritual, active, truth or element of source, which has direct meaning, for them, and you.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!



# 4 Halos Everyday Scenarios

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We go through our days, accepting, our number of daily network scenarios, without even an awareness, all these scenarios, are network symbolizations, and a true, here and now interaction, for those, who aren’t tied, to there and then.

What is a scenario? A scenario is an interaction of people, objects, animals. birds, etc.. You get involved in interactions, because of something, within the network circumstance, of all those that tie themselves into the scenario, because it’s an interest to them and you.

Example, you go to a party, and there’s a networkscenario/segement of people in a particular spot, who are having a conversation, they and everything around them, between them, is the network scenario?

Many times, those involved in the network scenario, are there for two levels, 1. symbolization, each other symbol, is there to relay a message to you, 2. here and now experiencing, as well as, canceling the symbolization, between the two or more involved in the action of verbal, non-verbal communincation, here and now experience, of each other, there is no symbolization, it is present here and now oriented total interest in the others in the network scenario, or particular focus-truth aspects of the network scenario. Here both or all are having a here and now communication- verbally or non-verbally, there is no symbol dream environment going on, only here and now open, truthful communication, talking or silence, or simply being there, in the moment.

In symbol dream environment, all within the scenario dream environment, figure/background elements, are seen to be a symbol interaction, for all those involved. Each natural, open element, see a deep meaning for them being there, or simply background, which each can, role play with ( figure elements and then last- background ), as you would in deciphering, a dream, by listing all the elements, choosing figure elements first, then the rest is simply background.

In real life, network scenarios, only stay awhile, for as long as each is getting something out of the dream elements found within the network scenario, so when it breaks up, each flow into another network scenario, and the interactive verbal or non-verbal communication begins, again within this new network scenario.

There can be here and now truth going on, in the dream environment, but the honesty, the authenticity, the truth, usually drives those who are not in the here and now space, go away, for it’s to uncomfortable, for them.

Network scenario- a particular segment of a dream environment, drawn together, for an amount of time, then breaks up, and those elements go out and discover new dream environmental network scenarios.

Symbolization, in the dream environment, all elements, within the dream environment are there, for they’re both dream drive, and a dream character, for themselves, and for each other element, within the dream environment segment/network.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!

# 3 Halos- Symbolization Spiritual

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson,, 2017  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Symbols are around us everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, and corporations, etc., create symbols to be recognize, as an individual commonality, that allows all to identify this symbol/logo, as standing for the business, family crest, sport, etc.

These symbols- we shall call- mundane Outside symbols, which try to draw a person in, so they get caught, in the machinations of the Outside, to get each person caught up in the game of competition, mental genius, meaning to put your inner center out in Outside, rather, than within you, where it belongs. The same game of splitness is seen in religious symbolization, again putting your inner center, within the symbolic interaction and process of drawing in the individual, to get them caught up in getting ahead, or giving up- thus being a loser in the game of social derivatives,along with  spiritual symbols, meant to draw the person in, to give up their inner center to the religious demands, to allow the person to bask in the truth of the religion, by being dutiful to the symbol/organization, which demands complete immersement in the religious experience.

Each of these symbols demand you get caught up in their reason for being, by becoming caught up in their process of making themselves part of the Outside. Society demands you play the social game, of Outside, to draw you out to see your inner center placed in the outside symbol/organization/process/limitation transforming to your caughtupness in its beliefs, actions, community position and so on.

Your life, your being, your reason for being, demands you act only from your inner center, which you choose to keep within yourself, therefore acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself. All decisions comes from trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself. Focused in your inner center, in your bodymind and spirit.

Outside you can only act to what is the basis of whatever you get caught up in those actions outside of yourself, thus your life becomes trying to win over, win within, and win in sight and recognition, of being the top winner in any action you take in/within the shadow of the symbol/organization/action/process you act within it. You are separate from yourself, and live in the Outside symbol, actions, etc.. This means your life is taken over by the Outside, and your trying to win, in your favor, over the many interactions going on at any one time, in the Outside arena, of winning, and the riches that await you when you do.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!


# 2 Halo Distance is a factor in time, but not in non-linear reality

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2012   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Mundane realities, or at least, Earth Science, and Outside determination to win over others and the environment, are linear experiences, and belief knowledge is only found in science, and life experience.

Life experience is survival, meaning its at its most important level, is to see and gain knowledge of Outside dangers, network values, nation values, religious values, atheist values, and so on.

These are low mundane experiences, meaningful, but only to allow you to go beyond them, and not limit yourself, to these Outside beliefs and experiences. This gives you Outside knowledge, to live life in the physical and mental realms, so you can learn, until life is on automatic. You can, then, choose what your want to do and what you want to believe, all based on Outside experiencing.

Those who want to only live in what they know, this is enough and they make their lives, trying to win over the interactions in Outside, that draws them in, and has them put their inner centers out in Outside, rather than themselves.

This means even if they win at outsmarting everyone, etc., in Outside, they lose, for they have alienated themselves from their bodymind, being, spirit and ,                             ,. This means their reason for being/living/accomplishment, is in the hands of Outside, for even, when you think your winning over others and scenarios, Outside is the winner, for you simply become an outlet, of competition, where others are going to try to win over you.

( King of the Hill- complex )

Those who feel empathy, lost, not happy, realize being caught up in Outside competitions, and wealth making, gives them things, but their inner self, knows this isn’t healthy, so the person, starts looking for other answers.  This is spiritual seeking, doing, meditation, reading spiritual books, watching spiritual videos, etc..

However, it’s still doing it in Outside ways, for the spiritual journey, they take, is the way of the macrocosmic way, where there are top dogs and underdogs, or winners/losers, so this is Outside spirituality, and means you lose, even if you win.

You have to bring your inner center back into yourself, and now, Outside is subject to your knowing, the only act you can do to be true to yourself, meaning this path is microcosmic, and is inner directed, and all choices, and experiences, are chosen, done by trusting you feeling, and by doing the only act you can do to be true to yourself.

You now are a whole within yourself, and you do by what you feel is right for you to do, and Outside is angry, for you are no longer seduce by the win/lose of Outside.

You have opened whole new life experiences, in which, you develop psychic/telepathic/spiritual talents abilities and skills, giving you an indication, of the level of wholeness/fullness you have found in yourself, and guides your actions and your life, via Self-Genesis.

You, now, walk a Microcosmic Force path, and you advance into more depth spirituality as you meditate, do microcosmic force spiritual actions/deeds/etc..

Distance becomes not the area between objects, but what you can perceive, is simply a step away, energy wise, and physical/mental realms, as well. Non-linear Realities!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, right here and now!

# 1 Halo! Do you have to travel to be spiritual learner!

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017


One of the questions each of us has, do we need to travel to spiritual spots, to see spiritual teachers; the answer is no, but if you like to travel to different countries, then by all means, travel to the spiritual mecca you want to explore, and take lessons from the spiritual leader you’re drawn to.

However, you don’t have to travel physically, to contact these spiritual places, persons, actions and so on. You can experience all of this, by meditating, moving to spiritual insight, living a blessed life, doing good toward yourself and all peoples, etc., everywhere.

My first psychic teacher, Mrs Edith Gable, told me, that I didn’t have to go anywhere, other than where I find myself, right here and now. I never forgot it, and I live my life here, and have visited many spiritual places, many astral planes ( this isn’t as good of an idea as it might sound ), and spiritual teachers, including Don Juan, Carlos Castenada, yogis, psychics, and so on.

The same holds for you, you don’t have to go anywhere to grow spiritually, simply by going to spiritual places via your spiritual mind, or interacting with spiritual persons, anywhere on the planet or in the Universes. the lessons are valid and fulfilling.

One of the places I went to was Tibet, which has a deep draw for me, and what I found there was/is very enlightening. You can do the same, however, remember at all times protect yourself with Super Microcosmic Force Crystal White Light Love Life Energy, globular, and reflecting any negatives, into the universe.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!


# 16 Interludes Dream Symbology

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We’re, now, going to look at our everyday lives, and the many symbols, which are, in our daily lives. There are more than you imagine.

First, everything you do, see, act upon, interact with and so on, is both symbol, for others, and many times, on a spiritual level, or a mundane level, your actions are both symbolic and real.

We can see that our daily lives have symbolic interactions, in the segments of wholes that we partake in, ergo, everything you do is made up whole experiences, and when you move, or focus on something else, you begin a new symbology whole.

To understand this, we look to dreams, in which, the dreams have many aspects, and those aspects change to what the dream is trying to tell you. Each segment of the dream is a whole in itself, and is symbolic, for itself, and the other wholes in the dream.

Be aware of the many whole life segments you’re involved in, each day, and look at them, and feel, if they are new real, or they’re symbolic, and they can be both.

To understand the elements of each whole, and the whole as a symbolic to other wholes, in the same process dream-environment, or if you see an element you feel is a symbolic whole, for something, in a past dream environment, or is related to something going on in your daily life, that stands out, or doesn’t, until this whole symbolic segment, is going on or is done, and you get an Ah! Ha! Experience, of a tie to this other whole or wholes. You can use role playing to work with all the symbol elements in the interaction, or in how the whole segments are in a dream environment as well, and you can work with them as you do of the elements in a particular dream environment/dream.

To work with all of these, one element at a time, of the elements within each whole segment, or use each whole segment, as an element in a dream, in which all the whole segments, are used as a single element, within the daily dream, you use role playing!

Good Dreaming!



# 15 Interludes Dream Symbology 3

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


There are many symbols in everyone’s daily living, work, spiritual pursuits, some are positive, and some are negative, the most known is the ying and yang,  black and white, balances each other out.

Everyday symbols, abound as well, such as an auto symbol, like Buick, every auto has a maker, and that maker designs a symbol, which stands for his/her brand, like Kenmore washers.

The company, the religion, the logo of products, all are symbols, which we come to know, mainly by this symbol, rather, than what it produces and stands for.

Symbols are to be a shortcut, to the buying public’s mind, so when they see it, they know all about the product, or trust the logo, for its fine products,they’re looking at, now.

In relationships, lovers give each other nicknames, that stands for all that person is, and the interest, the other party has in that person. Engagement rings and the engagements themselves, are symbolic of the love the two or more share, for each other.

A negative-positive symbol, is marriage, with one man and one woman, the nuclear family, they’re a symbol of the culture, in which they live.

A positive, which others might consider a negative, is where a relationship has more than two, and they form they’re own kind of family. EnviroRadiance accepts all kinds of love:relationships, for the members want to make a marriage, or tribe, where the members are there as long as they wish to be, when they no longer want to be there, they choose to travel on.

Another negative-positive is advertising, promotions, signs, and so on, most today see these ads with either distaste or ignoring them, in many ways.

Symbols can be positive to one network of viewers, and negative to another network, which can lead to rhetoric against each other, that can lead to violence, which we deplore, we practice non-violence until our physical bodymind comes into danger, then we handle the situation to protect our bodymind to the best of our ability.

In our own way we’re symbols, as well, we’re symbols, for all that we are, and thereby are living symbols, interacting with each other, bringing symbols to another level, an interactive exchange between living symbols.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!

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