# 133 Introjection Psychological

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


In counseling psychology, there’s a term, which stands for- swallowing your emotions, rather than, letting them out, expressing them. This term is called ” Introjection”, and means to swallow your emotions, to not let others see what you’re going through emotionally, at the time of the incident, you’re swallowing- your emotional content.

There are tons of examples, of this, someone has hurt you, but you don’t express it, you swallow your hurt/anger/betrayal, etc.. Along with hurt bank, the most expressive of this is ” anger banking “.

Here, instead of working through the emotional conflicts, you swallow them, and place them somewhere within your bodymind, and it stays there, even if you work through the mental aspect of the introjection, it still lies within the bodymind. You have to work through it mentally, but also, physically, through movement, expressions, symbolic tension and relaxation ( in bodymind counseling, by having the client walk, with tension and relaxation, the counselor can be working with the person’s spirit, within a half-hour ).

This means you’re working with the spiritual expression of the life plan the spirit built for you, usually with rose colored glasses, ( they think you can do anything and make it so you have to deal with dangerous stuff, they’re prideful, because they think/know you can handle, anything ), wrong!

They put into your life plan, situations, where you have to find a way out of, overcome it, run from it ( but they don’t see you having to do this, because you are a formiable person ), and anyone else, will learn that, if they try to put you in harm’s way.

We see, you’re not born, without a plan already imprinted on your genetic structure, which is a higher evaluation, of your capabilities than you may be able to do, to show the world, and yourself.

So, learn to express yourself, rather than holding it in, holding it down, holding it back, repressing it and all connected with  it, and build a false okayness, that puts anger, hurt, distrust, etc., in banks, in different, spots/areas of your bodymind.

Second, when you do this, your bodymind twists to express the inner you, so you’re not a free, flowing individual, but hold in, hold down or hold back, so you’re bodymind shapes itself, to your way of handling your life, with all of its ups and downs.

To be free, work through your banks of held in emotions, and learn to express them as you’re dealing with the emotions, so you don’t emotional bank ( introject ) things, but free yourself by working through the emotional uprising!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

# 129 Carried away by Anger

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Anger is both a negative and a positive, it’s also a choice, so if you get angry and allow it to debilitate you, or you go into rage and blackout, you choose to do that, and you can”t say I had no control over it. Many persons say they can’t control their anger, they blackout, and are not responsible, for what they do when they blackout.

This is patently untrue, they choose to allow themselves to get that angry, usually to stop something bothering them from continuing, so they go into anger, then blind rage, afterwards they say I’m not responsible, but they are, for they allowed themselves, to go to this point, where they conveniently blackout, and thus not responsible, for anything they do.

Plain anger, in a negative sense, is when a person’s emotions, are stirred up by others, or at themselves. They’re habitually angry, thus driving people away; or get angry over the trifle of things, meaning they’re upset at something else, and are using this interaction or action, to let go of the anger they’re feeling, and need to point it toward somewhere, so they fly of the handle.

You can be miffed, meaning a tiny bit angry about something, but you talk yourself out of it, or tell the person directly you are angry, or put it in a positive way, saying to the person, or etc., I am feeling angry with you now, I am miffed at you, because I’m feeling you’re not listening to me, etc.

Jedi, use the last approach, to say they’re angry, what they’re angry about, and don’t hold it in; they utilize Microcosmic Force Blessings on their miffness, their anger or their rage, to bring it down to where it can be gotten rid of positively, by sharing what you’re feeling directly with the person; or work through it with yourself, so you let go of your anger through working it out psychologically, sociologically, or spiritually, with the person, who isn’t in front of you, but you role play the person, etc. is there, and you work out your anger in this way.

All of which is not keeping the anger in, but dealing with it directly, working it out by talking it out with yourself in a positive, and loving way, or do bodymind work, by moving and stretching, etc., your bodymind, so you work out your anger.

Jedi use anger to accomplish something, when things seem to be going wrong, but within a safe way, so the anger turns to motion, strength, and self-worth, showing yourself you;re responsible for yourself, and you’re in truth, a true Jedi or a true Dream Dancer.


# 92 Anger Storage

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


One of the emotions, people are afraid of, because if they get angry, they go crazy. Why?

Anger storage or banking, many times, people, for whatever reason, swallow their anger, and start building a new storage container symbol in their bodyminds.

Social graces say it’s bad to be angry, and attack people, allowing your anger to come out, but not just at what you’re angry, at this moment, for this moment ties into the anger storage, or anger bank.

What happens then, if you still have storage room left, nothing happens, and you put your anger in storage, holding it in, holding down, holding back.

You continue to hold all this anger in, until it reaches a point, where it’s going to effect your health, so your bodymind, takes what you’re angry at, at the moment, and releases all the anger banks, anger storage container symbol, and you explode, far beyond, a normal response, usually in a way that’s far beyond normal reaction, at what happened.

What happens, the other person, explodes, as he/she/it reacts to the anger blasts, pointing at him/her/it. You, now, have an explosive situation, where depending on how each handles their anger, it either stops, or escalates to violence.

If one person only feeds on their anger banks, and don’t have a way of gaining control of what they’re feeling; then, the climax, is unknown, until the final action between the two or more.

Anger banks are there, but they don’t have to be; you have the way to get rid of them, and rid yourself of the anger, you’re holding onto, by swallowing it.

How do we do this- visualization, and action/response:

Visualize, feel the anger bank/storage, and tell yourself to let go, let go, let go, let go into the Microcosmic Force Cosmos, where it will go supernova, and anything left over transforms to Microcosmic Force Crystal Light.

This is one way, if that doesn’t work with you; devise your own visualizations, and then let go of the anger, in the way you have created, to let go of your anger banks/storages.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!

# 41- Feel Before You Speak

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

We all jump the gun, and say things we didn’t mean to say; to stop this- Feel before you open your mouth and spew out negativity, anger, hatred, etc..

We do this, by enjoining another person in a conversation, and allowing them to be who they are, and they allow you to be who you are, hopefully.

If they want you to be someone you’re not; explain to them, that they’re trying to force you into a role, which does not fit you, and you’re asking them, to know you, not what they think about you.

What do you do, if they refuse? You have choices or options, stop talking to them, limit your interaction with them, show them that they’re talking to someone who doesn’t exist. Be Truthful! If they can stand it, then they will see who you are; if they can’t they will eventually drift away, to try to run their demands on someone else, who will then have to make a decision, about them.

Another negative mode, is when you call, join others, to try to draw them into a verbal trap, where you can get angry and attack them, and let off anger, you have to get rid of.

This is an introduction to action and consequences- if you allow yourself to be an attacker, and setup your friends, or someone you’re talking to, so you can let out all the anger and spleen you have been holding in, you are a negative energy. You want to destroy the positive energy of people, who have done nothing to you, but being  joined by you, so you can let off your anger, and feel good about attacking others, for their stupidity, etc.. This is done without or with the knowledge you’re the one who loses in these conversations, ergo consequences, people will quit talking to you, ostrasize you, move away, when you come up and so on.

Feel before you say those angry, hurtul, argumentive words that show your lack of ability to work through your anger, pain on your own, so you don’t take it out on others, who have nothing to do with how you’re feeling.

There are consequences to actions, make sure your actions bring the right feedback.

May the Microcosmic Force Be With You!

Gathering 12

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I thought it might be time to give you a little of my spiritual background, what I’ve studied and so on:

1. I studied Egyptian Religion, became an Egyptian Priest, then left it, for it didn’t feel right

2. Studied Psychic Talents, Abilities,Skills through meditation, with Edith Gable, a fabulous psychic and teacher

3. Studied Eastern Religions, or rather yoga philosophy, and meditation, left this as well

4. meditated 7 to 10 hours a day for 3 years, then decided I needed to live, and not just meditate

5. Looked at Native American Religion, but didn’t feel right with it

6. Looked at healing, by prayer, affirmation, etc.

7. Got a BA in Philosophy, with interests in anthropology and community psychology

8. Studied transpersonal psychology, bodymind therapy, bioenergetics, Rolfing, and others

9. Worked with dreams, by a technique used by Fritz Perls- role playing

10. Did Creative Fantasy Groups, while in college, loved it and still do

11. Became aware of symbols, in everyday life, and the interaction of seemingly totally different processes, but really one verifies or starts the other on a path of learning

12. Studied and became a sorcerer, under the Don Juan sorcerers, left this as well

13. Develop my own spiritual path, called Dream Dancing and/or Self- Genesis

14. I am a life coach, I have an eclectic approach

15. I am a brown belt in karate

16. I am a psychic

17. I am an abductee/contactee, brought about by ETs

18. I am a writer

19. I am a Rowdies Rangers; primitives, who were and are kidnapped by ETs and taken aboard their Motherships, and put through terrible things, and used in terrible ways- humans and others..

You have dreams, or daydreams, of you as a terrible person, etc., these are all dreams, and can be worked through by role playing, with each element/character within the dream, sequence, etc.l all of these are your unconscious talking to you

These are self-angers we take out on ourselves, rather than dealing with them head on; we bank our anger, into an anger bank, till it gets full, and we then erupt,over the slightest thing, and attack whoever caused it, totally inappropriately, for what happened, which is usually some small thing, but it breaks the camels back, and you rip into them.

We will be going over many things in the weeks and months ahead, so please keep coming, and if you have questions or comments, please post them, and I’ll try to answer them.

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