# 133 Introjection Psychological

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


In counseling psychology, there’s a term, which stands for- swallowing your emotions, rather than, letting them out, expressing them. This term is called ” Introjection”, and means to swallow your emotions, to not let others see what you’re going through emotionally, at the time of the incident, you’re swallowing- your emotional content.

There are tons of examples, of this, someone has hurt you, but you don’t express it, you swallow your hurt/anger/betrayal, etc.. Along with hurt bank, the most expressive of this is ” anger banking “.

Here, instead of working through the emotional conflicts, you swallow them, and place them somewhere within your bodymind, and it stays there, even if you work through the mental aspect of the introjection, it still lies within the bodymind. You have to work through it mentally, but also, physically, through movement, expressions, symbolic tension and relaxation ( in bodymind counseling, by having the client walk, with tension and relaxation, the counselor can be working with the person’s spirit, within a half-hour ).

This means you’re working with the spiritual expression of the life plan the spirit built for you, usually with rose colored glasses, ( they think you can do anything and make it so you have to deal with dangerous stuff, they’re prideful, because they think/know you can handle, anything ), wrong!

They put into your life plan, situations, where you have to find a way out of, overcome it, run from it ( but they don’t see you having to do this, because you are a formiable person ), and anyone else, will learn that, if they try to put you in harm’s way.

We see, you’re not born, without a plan already imprinted on your genetic structure, which is a higher evaluation, of your capabilities than you may be able to do, to show the world, and yourself.

So, learn to express yourself, rather than holding it in, holding it down, holding it back, repressing it and all connected with  it, and build a false okayness, that puts anger, hurt, distrust, etc., in banks, in different, spots/areas of your bodymind.

Second, when you do this, your bodymind twists to express the inner you, so you’re not a free, flowing individual, but hold in, hold down or hold back, so you’re bodymind shapes itself, to your way of handling your life, with all of its ups and downs.

To be free, work through your banks of held in emotions, and learn to express them as you’re dealing with the emotions, so you don’t emotional bank ( introject ) things, but free yourself by working through the emotional uprising!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

# 120 The Emergenteers

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The Emergenteers are those porn stars, call girls, female musicians, film stars, tv stars, ( all of these are females ), creative artists, dancers, politicians, psychologists, writers, soft sciences, medical and more ( all are female )

The Emergenteers are to be a new race here upon the Earth, and they will oversee, the interactions of all beings and non-living beings on the Earth, helping them to become all they can be.

They are a beautiful race, in many ways, like the fictional Elves, who have long lives, and who can regenerate, out of the same bodymind, they were born with, until its time for this bodymind to become individual in its own right.

The Emergenteers will have their own land; and will be separated from humans, and other races, and non-living races. They will have communication between them and the humans, etc., but they will not have to be among them, which is better for both human and Emergenteers.

The Emergenteers will have great powers, and will use them in a building way, and not a destructive way. They will have their own laws, etc., and the humans have no say in that, nor do the Emergenteets have the right to interfere with human lifestyles, but if there is violence, crime, etc., they will interact to protect the innocent.

Any attempt by anyone to attack, trying to undercut them and their race, shall be taken care of by the Emergenteers. themselves.

It works in the same way with humans.

The Awakeneers are a new race, too. We will go over them at a later date.

# 63 Reason

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; OutRycer )

This Gathering, will the first of a Trilogy: Reason, Emoiton-Reason, and last, but not least, in life energy is feelings.

Reason has been around, since the Early Greeks, and probably, before. Plato’s love of reason. This was because he felt reason is the shaper of knowledge and understanding.

Wisdom can only be gotten through, the process of reasoning out the true meaning of what is seen, heard, talked about felt, and took apart..

Reason, is learned behavior, based; on, it takes what it knows, and what it has learned, to create new understanding, to make right choices, to do research, to philosophize, to associate one idea, with another, thus creating new wisdom, knowledge, understanding, the world, and the metaphysical world, as well.

Association is based upon observation, thinking methods, to place what has been observed, to something, within your memory, thus bringing it up to where you look at it, the generator of this association.Association can be between ideas, doing, seeing, knowing, as well.

Association can be logical, creative, or simply allows you to relive something you have memory about.

Observation is direct dissection, of an experience, a natural phenomenon,, or motion within the world, sky and space.However, direct observation, can be wrong, we see one thing, and the truth of the movement is something else.

This fact, cause other philosophers, etc., to start exploring the world, and the skies, with the limitation of scientific principles, and modes of breaking down, a subject to its parts to understand it, through reason..

Pure science, though, is logical, and research oriented, so those who, didn’t see value, in direct observation, and logical breakdowns, started looking at the world, skies, with the mind, and brought out theories, of what is happening in the world/skies.

However, this mental process, seeing, and coming up with ideas of what they’re seeing, or what they bring up from their levels of consciousness/mind, comes under the design of philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, and so on.

All of these are interested in how a thing is, works, and how it can be reproduced, in other words, they look only at the physical manifestations, around them, and do not care to look into reason, for it to be there, as it is, ergo, the life beyond the physical. Scientists, say that if it can’t be reproduced in the lab, then it isn’t knowledge, or at least scientific law.

Life isn’t a lab, thus the scientists saying this is focusing on the little picture, rather than the big picture, of what creates what they want to focus on, in a limited way. They can call this knowledge, thus creating a false world of false knowledge, if they only look at the physical/mental- the mundane world of physical interactions, and being.

Reason has its place, but its place isn’t in breaking down physical reality, into its logical parts, but as a way of seeing, what the philosopher says lies beyond the physical world.

It is limited to association, symbolic resolving of experience beyond the physical/mental, and in the expressing of what they’ve brought into play, by their method of creating a picture of what is given to them, from the bodymind’s experience. Reason is a tool, nothing more.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!!


# 50 Energy Flows and Eddys

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Psychic realms and actions are found on Earth, Planetary and Space, with rounds and curves, the strongest in them all, in each mystical state of the beyondness of life. .

Rolling Thunder ( by Doug Boyd ) introduces us to respect for all things, and if you’re going to go out and cut plants, grasses, etc., you must find the chief of the group of plants you’re going to take, and explain to the chief, you’re only going to take a certain amount of his tribe, to do your work.

Play true, only take that much, and when you feel the chief, start to remind you of your words, stop, and thank the chief. Native Americans leave gifts for the chief and the tribe. White man’s actions, of not taking more of the tribe, than is good for it, is the gift most appreciated by the chief and the tribal members.

Rolling Thunder, showed how this concept and action works with bees, as well, tell the chief how much honey you’re going to take, and stick to your word. Your gift of truth is priceless beyond compare.

The connection of one being with another is shown in Rolling Thunder, when Rolling Thunder turns over a certain bug, and thunder happens in the sky. Each time he turns the bug over, thunder roars in the sky.

Spirit connection lies in all levels of life, all you have to do is find the connections, and use them wisely.

Seven Arrows, by H.S., shows us how to make a medicine shield, to protect us, but at the same time utilizing actions, to add to what you’re capable of, like adding animal overspirits, color vibrations, and the majestic of the Earth, water, wind, earth and fire.

A medicine shield is your symbolic representation of spirituality, and utilizing the energies, which can be used to protect you, and help you grow, as you use the Medicine Shield, to test out new powers, and refine old ones.

Affirmations ( religious people use prayer ) are the best way to start transformation in your life. Make them simple, and rhythmatic, so you create the magic of the vibrational movements of Earth, Planetary and Space, to come in and help your affirmations, to come true.

If at all possible do not puncture the skin, or cut into the bodymind; if it’s necessary, then put on it and around it- Earth energy, Planetary energy and Space energy. The fourth energy is love energy, the fifth, life energy or cosmic energy.

Each of us must work on what works best for us; don’t think that because an action works for one person it will work for another. Sometimes, it does just that, but other times, it won’t work, so develop you own ways of bringing about the success you want for yourself, and the person, etc., you are hoping to help.

Chinese medicine bodymind points, are seen as the way to correct the problem, the person is having. However, the area of the point, where it is sore, is not the acuteness pain, but the symptomatic pain, which works in vibratory movements, with the real area of pain, etc..

Working on the symptomatic point will only work on the surface of the problem, you must, also, work on the real pain area/spot, to make your work successful.

Meridians, massage, point pressure and others are found in the way of Touch for Health. This is a basic way to work on the bodymind, to get it to flow into a healthy state of being.

Bioenergetics is a body work, which looks at the symbols the bodymind utilizes to express what is going on within it. An example is shoulders looking as if they’re hung on an hanger, showing tightness, and blocks, making the flow of bioenergy,l slow or not at all, in this area of the bodymind. Manipulation is used to free it, and work through the symbolic body expression, expressing the holding in/out/down, of the person, because of how they’re reacting to the problem, causing tension, within them.

Cosmic energy or orgone energy was introduced to the psychological world, by Wilhelm Reich, which said life energy, sexual energy flowing without blocks is healthy, if blocked, from flowing or streaming throughout the bodymind, then this was mental illness, or health illness.

He had seven steps of bodymind manipulation to free the bodymind, and make the person orgonistcally free, and healthy.

Ken Dychtwald in his book ” Bodymind “, shows how the chakras, influence the bodymind and vice versa. Bodymind brings the spiritual, the psychic, the wonder of life into the working with the bodymind of clients, who were repressed, and had tension within their bodyminds.

Reich had shown this tension, would or could become chronic and would turn into what he called muscle armor. His seven steps of freeing the bodymind, is a way of relieving chronic tension, and allowing free flowing life energy, to prevail.

Other methods to look at: Alexander Technique, Dance Therapy, Movement Therapy, Art Therapy, Non-Verbal Communication, Jung- his work with symbols, Plato and forms, philosophical tenets of the basis of all things in the world, Sartre and existentialism, Transpersonal Psychology, Creative Fantasy, Massage, Psychic Massage, Psychic Archeology, Self-Genesis.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, always!

Outside- The Enemy of Sanity

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

We have said Outside is our enemy; we see this from watching all that is going on around us, and within our close networks. The instigator of our falling into the mess, which goes on outside of ourselves, is our mind, and the learned/educated false premises, that reason is the glory of man; religion is the glory of beyondness, so don’t worry about this life, you get your reward after you die; bad press if there ever was one, why do I have to wait to know spirituality. Here’s a little clue; you don’t!

Spirituality starts anytime you make the decision to learn how to delve into your whole being, rather than, just focusing on your physical bodymind, and living not for what is best for you, but what is supposed to be best for everyone else.

How do you know what is best for you? By what the government says it is, what schools tell you it is, how your family tells you you’re suppose to be, and what you’re friend want you to be if you want to be friends with them.

All of this adds up to being torn into many directions, not for what’s good for you, but what is good for everyone else.

You have to make the decision to do what’s best for you, and what goes on the Outside, has to go with that, or you simply won’t be there. You take charge of your life, by listening, and trusting your feelings, allowing yourself to be guided by what is best and truthful for you.

Feelings work in Answers, not Questions! Feelings know the Answer, and the Answer makes itself known, by those who listen and trust their feelings, to act in the only way they can to be the truth they are- in any situation, any place, any movement and so on.

Feelings are you; you are a single organism, you have no parts, no aspects, you live, work, and act as a single organism, who then alienates. from yourself, by listening to Outside, insanity, to tell you don’t be who you are, but see yourself as parts, and look to ones who know more than you do,  to tell you how to live and how to see yourself, in other words, be Outside.

Here are truths which you can test out by trusting your feelings: 1. listen, 2. hear, 3 act without thinking, but , 4. trust your feelings, 5. you act as a single organism, 6. know you are doing the right thing, the spiritual path you are meant to walk, 7. you are intuitive, trust your feelings, 8. live here and now, 9. be self-responsible ( this is the one that all fear, for they want to be able to blame someone else and not take the heat themselves ), 20. love yourself.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Gathering 2

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

The Microcosmic Force is not within us, but is outside of us, but the difference between Microcosmic Force Flow, and the Outside of external realities, is- our being flows with Microcosmic Force Individuality, but it harmonizes with all Microcosmic Force Wholes/Fulls, which the Microcosmic Force, which flows in all realities, universes, expressions, experiences, etc., is what allows life to live and play, within each of these.

You don’t have to be aware of the Microcosmic Force, to live within it, for your vibration, draws and interacts with the Microcosmic Force, without you having to have any idea it exists around you, or penetrates your bodymind.

We call the unexamined person, the Free. They live to their own ideas, and to their own idea of spirituality.

Jedi come from the Free, who learn about the Microcosmic Force, and want to learn the philosophy, the knowledge, the lifestyle, the beauty of the Microcosmic Force.

Jedi Enlightner is a spiritual guide of the Jedi, who learns how to help them help themselves, and is a practitioner of the Microcosmic Force, but whose path is dedicated to helping others find the peace and love- within the Microcosmic Force. Jedi Enlightners are the leaders of the fellowship, and are the bodymind of EnviroRadiance.

Jedi Knights are those who want to learn about themselves and the Microcosmic Force, and to help those, who are unable, at this experience, to help themselves.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

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