# 131 You aren’t what you own, or what you believe you need

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We start losing our sense of being- inner discipline, ability to develop our sense of individuality, when we realize we aren’t self-supporting.

We need others, mother/father/food/drink, etc., and all of this must be gotten from Outside; if we want to live, then we must have plenty of all. Outside seems to be stronger, than our sense of individual action, for we need these Outside things, to be able to live, to grow, to be protected, and much more.

The more we have a sense of needing all this Outside stuff, and that we put our inner center, within these objects, we begin to see, to imagine, to know, we are dependent on Outside, and we start identifying success, and living, with what we own, what we want, and what we’re willing to do to get it.

Many, who work, see themselves, not divided from the work they do, so they see their ” usness ” , in everything Outside. We wouldn’t exist, if we didn’t have a job, and levels of success, is dependent on what you have, and the level you reach in the organization you work for.

If we lose our job, and aren’t able to get another one, we start attacking ourselves, as being unworthy, because we can’t get new work; the more time it is before we get new work, the deeper we feel distress, at now being nothing, rather than self-identifying, of what work we do, which tells everyone, who we are.

The above, is also, a dangerous, way of thinking; when the worker/boss retires, it isn’t unusual, for the former worker, to die, within a year or more, not being able to separate him/her self, from what theyve done, and now, they have no identity, for they aren’t working, they are retired, and thus have no sense of self, no sense of being someone, because they have no Outside work, to show others and oneself, who and what we are.

This ” lossness “, of knowing who you are, because of what you do or did, what you own, or what you can be generous about, giving things away; this loss of being able to do, gives to many, a very deep sense of loss, of not being worth anything, and they literally will themselves to die.

You are not what you own, what you do, or how much an expert you are in accumulating things; you know your worth, by what you do, and what you own, if these things  are worth a lot, then so are you, if not, then you’re not worthy, either.

You are not what you do, what you own, etc.; you are who you are within yourself, and your worthiness, isn’t by the above, but how you feel and act within, choosing to act in the only way you can to be true to yourself.

Your self-worth, is by how much you love yourself, positively, how you choose what you do with your daily experiences, but all of these are what you do, not what you are. You are who you choose to be, in dealing with Outside, you choose what you do, the open way you present yourself, and how you interact with your family, others, and appreciating yourself, and allowing that self-love and happiness show in everything you do.

You are priceless, for you love yourself, you choose what you do or do not do, and who you choose to hang with, and by how you help others, who again you choose to help.

Be yourself; don’t worry; be happy! Live your life to your beat, and not anyone’s else’s.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!


# 85 Self-Belief

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The magic of belief builds you up to have a happy, spiritual life;  you have to believe in yourself, and your belief creates trust, knowing, seeing and wisdom, to know what’s necessary, for you to do.

Self-Belief is a necessary ingredient in the overall awareness of the spiritual and non-spiritual person.

Self-Belief means you believe in who you are, a strength to set goals and reach them, a health card, of if you believe in yourself, everything is done/felt in a healthier way.

Self-belief allows you to be strong in all your activities you choose to be involved in, and it allows you to be centered within yourself, and not be unsure of yourself, so you are divided by what others believe or say.

Self-belief, means loving yourself, being aware of the Microcosmic Force spirituality and doing, with an inner light, which allows you to know you’re doing what’s true for you.

Self-belief allows you to expand your horizons, study new ideas, and fields of education, work, and play.

Self-belief allows you to know, it’s okay to play, to have fun, and to take care of yourself.

Self-belief says you’re in command of your protection, so make sure you learn how to do this, in whatever you choose to study, to become proficient in your self-defense methodologies.

Self-belief is the bottom line in how you see yourself, and how others see and react to you; your behavior is guided and strengthen by your belief in yourself, to know what’s true for you, and to do that which may be against the herd crowd, but it’s right for you.

Self-belief means you’re capable of being socially correct, and a generator of good living for yourself, friends, and acquaintences. Happiness bubbles, as you live your life to your own belief philosophy, and act upon that which comes to you in the only way you can be true to yourself.

Self-belief is learned or its discovered within the spiritual teachings, and living, which gives to us the okay to be ourselves, and that’s the richness of life and well-being.

Self-belief is the joy of life, and the generator of goodness, coming to you, and you, giving it to others around you.

Microcosmic Force Blessings on you here and now!

# 81 Do

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Our lives are so fast and complicated, that many times, we get overwhelmed, and choose not to do anything, rather than working to complete what we need to complete.

We basically turnoff, and ignore what we see we need to accomplish, for simply goofing off, resting, have an aversion to anything, especially anything work related. The need to relax, and focus on ourselves, because of feeling overwhelmed, is called a nervous breakdown. We suffer from this, not necessarily of being overwhelmed, but refusing to see we need to do things in a different way.

We use time off, or when we turn off, to look how are lives stack up, to what we believe we want to do. Self-looking at our lives, to see if we’re happy or not, and if not, what can we do to transform this, and better our lives.

The best way, or least one way, is the philosophy of ” Do “, where you don’t choose not to do something, but do the opposite, training yourself to ” Do “.

We train ourselves, to ” Do “, to make a decision and do it, not think about it, philosophize about it, but trust our feelings, and go with what they tell us.

Trust your feelings, is the basest of ” Do “. You act without thinking, but listening to your feelings, and act without thinking, just Do.

This puts the Energy of Truth, your truth, known by your trust in your feelings, making ” Do ” the most powerful action you can do, guided by your trust in your feelings.

If you haven’t been doing this, you have to develop trust in yourself, learn to listen to your inner self, and act without the need to think about it, and look at it in ways that will bring you to a decision, about a problem.

Trust your feelings- is simply, feelings, don’t work in questions, only in answers. Your truth comes from within you, and Outside truth is simply another way of thinking and problem-solving.

Act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself, and to accomplish what you hear your feelings say, by listening by your intuition, and the energy of hearing truth as a feeling, that is strong, and drives you to ” Do “.

” Do ” is you acting without thinking about the truth you create by trusting your feelings.

Microcosmic Force Blessings, on you here and now.

# 41 Chatoyant Quartz

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Chatoyant Quartz- it has three kinds: Catseye; Tigereye and Hawkeye;; they’re the occult, paths to master over self- Hawkeye; mystical paths- catsey seer of actions doing, done and to be,, and finally, Tigereye, spiritual strength, and do, action, of spiritual or mundane in nature.

Chatoyant Quartz Catseye, is the seeing/knowing of what’s going around you, through, etheric double and aura, this is the psychic/telepathic eye. It   sees in lines of life energy, flowing up and down, and around the whole bodymind. It sees the spirit world; it can help guide you there and back.

Chatoyant Quartz Tigereye, is the strength of belief, and carrying out what you feel you must do, to be true to yourself. It’s the eye of psychology, seeing the tenants, behind the actions of others, and yourself. If its negative, it helps transform this negativity to positive, and if positive, it helps in carrying out what the bodymind feels it needs to do.

Chantoyant Quartz Hawkeye, is the far sight, seeing what others don’t, moves by signature energy patterns, is the warrior’s eye, and the auric life energy lines, and junctions, which allow you to travel by transplacing yourself, wherever you feel you need to go.

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