# 7 Halo

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


In aura reading, one of the fascinating, truths, about how the aura reflects what the person is doing, is that you can tell, when someone is lying to you, hiding something, or isn’t telling you the whole truth.

The aura is very expressive, and it is the truth light, of yourself, and any other person you come in contact with.

The Aura is expressive of whatever you do, so those who can read auras, and anyone can, learn to be honest and truthful, so you don’t show you are incapable of telling the truth.

Remember, don’t look straight at someone, but off to the side, and allow your third eye to guide your inner eye, and see within your mind, the aura of the person, etc., whom you are conversing with.

If he/she lies, or doesn’t tell the truth, color flashes in the aura, and this allows you to know, what you are hearing is a lie.

This is only one way, explore and see if you find other ways of telling if someone is lying to you, like through bodymind movement, etc..

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!

# 88 Goshenite ( Beryl )

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Goshenite is used, for glass lenses, and appropriately so, because it is the gem of total truth, with no tack, only total truth. Be sure you can stand to have the answer, before you ask the question.

Goshenite is a great , gem, for education, film, TV, cable, computers, glasses, inventors, mechanical jobs and so on.

Goshenite laying about; you will be able to tell lies from truth, by trusting your feelings.

Goshenite is great for political debates, for the lies shine forth, and the truth does the same.

Goshenite is great for charging china, making it even more beautiful, than it is.

Goshenite is good for microscopes, telescopes, satellites ( like Hubble ), and space.

Goshenite is good to have, when we put a rocket into space, and when we have consumer rides out into space.

Goshenite is good for self-mining, to bring forth what’s bothering you, or your repressing, and so on.

Goshenite is good for sports, racing, field and track, and any competition, gambling, and so on.

Goshenite is good for creating beautiful sleep dreams, always positive. for you self-growth.

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