# 7 Halo

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


In aura reading, one of the fascinating, truths, about how the aura reflects what the person is doing, is that you can tell, when someone is lying to you, hiding something, or isn’t telling you the whole truth.

The aura is very expressive, and it is the truth light, of yourself, and any other person you come in contact with.

The Aura is expressive of whatever you do, so those who can read auras, and anyone can, learn to be honest and truthful, so you don’t show you are incapable of telling the truth.

Remember, don’t look straight at someone, but off to the side, and allow your third eye to guide your inner eye, and see within your mind, the aura of the person, etc., whom you are conversing with.

If he/she lies, or doesn’t tell the truth, color flashes in the aura, and this allows you to know, what you are hearing is a lie.

This is only one way, explore and see if you find other ways of telling if someone is lying to you, like through bodymind movement, etc..

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!

# 11 Interludes- Miracles by the experience

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


The question arises, are miracles, only for certain groups, religions, philosophies, and not for- regular people’s lives?

To hear them talk, each religious group has a stranglehold on Miracles, wherever they may occur, and if their’s any connection, with them or not. Miracles fall under their group think, and anyone who says different is the enemy.

Miracles occur to those, who create them by their experiences, their need, and their ability to grow from the experience. This doesn’t say any one group is the cause of them, no matter how much they try to convince the world- miracles, and the ones who do them, can only be found in their belief system.

To the Jedi, Jedi Knight, Dream Dancer, Miracles happen to good people, no matter their orientations, philosophy, etc..

Miracles are personal enhancements of their ability to be in the right place, at the right time. It’s the people involved, who open their hearts to the Miracle, and thus, it is unique to them, and only them.

Outsiders can look at the Miracles, while they’re happening, after they happen, and they usually try to disqualify the person(s), who the Miracle has occurred to. This is so they can maintain their belief in how their reality works. They try to tear the Miracle apart, so as to show it’s a natural phenomenon, and not miraculous, at all.They go to their beds- safe in their sanity of the reality, the Universe, is still, as they view it.

The Jedi, Jedi knight, Dream Dancer, are simply happy, for the person(s), who had the wonder of the Miracle happen to them. The Miracle is happiness, for the receiver, and a chance to share in the joy of a Miracle, for others, who saw it, or heard about it, second hand.

The Jedi, Jedi Knights, Dream Dancers, accept and look forward to seeing Miracles, and what they do for the person(s), who are granted this wonderful experience, and eye opening knowledge; life is more than what it seems.It’s open to everyone, to experience it, when all factors are right, they draw it to themselves, whether they’re aware they’re doing that, or not.

May the Microcosmic Force bring Miracles into your life, here and now!

# 95 Unconditional Respect

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )

Unconditional love, is very important in how we see ourselves, and how we see people, Outside of us.

You must have Unconditional Respect, along with love, so you show the person, you like/interests you,  with Unconditional Love,  but if you can’t feel respect for them, then drop them, from your life, it’s best for you and others.

Respect means seeing the person, as a person you like/love, stays true to their words, follows through with the actions needing to be taken,  and has an even tempered, and even balance, within yourself.

Unconditional Respect, means you’re respectful, to them, as a person of integrity, coolness, and ability to flow, with the situation; to handle themselves and their  emotions, by not dissing anyone, in both, of our interactions, with those, who are Outside of us.

Treat everyone, with the respect- to their spirit, if you don’t feel you can be respectful, because of your interaction with them,  seeing/knowing there’s no trust there.

There are many people out there, who deserve your respect, they’re in observation, when you first meet them, to see if they hold true to who they are, and not, just, has put on a game face, you don’t trust!

Trust is a very important ingredient, in how, you see yourself, and others, who you’re friends with, or who you have interactions, with but are just acquaintances. Trust is what makes the world be in balance, no trust, no way to be comfortable, with this person or group; you have to cut them out of your life.

Your everyday happiness, depends, on who you surround yourself with, and having a love atmosphere, with your Totality.

No love of self, you cannot love someone else, you only barter with the other person, for their affections.

Love= trust + respect + unconditional regard and appreciation + feelings!

May the Microcosmic Force, be with you, here and now!

# 53 Lazurite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Lazurite is blue, meaning it’s a sky gem, and a water gem, which means- it creates the scenario, for rain, for water to run and to keep it full.

Lazurite is a gem, that gives the wearer, or the one who has it around him or her, a feeling of psychic and telepathic talents, abilities and skills.

Lazurite is the sky gem, meaning it helps you interact with the sky in everything you do, as well as, ponds, rivers, oceans, etc.. It helps in any healing energy being used, and fortifies a person outlook of who they are, and what they’re capable of.

Lazurite is the fortifying gem, in that its blueness draws to it, life energy, and brings health, and wellness, but, also, the way to know what’s coming up in the here and now, alloings you to make your feelings, psychic and telepathic talents, abilities and skills, do more, than, the level of experience you may have dealing with this level of knowledge, and do. It expands and strengthens whatever you do, with the will to love behind it, as well.


# 68 Who are the Dream Dancers

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The most important thing to know about Dream Dancers is they work with the Microcosmic Force, and not with any whole force.

Many take comfort or least feel they belong, by being part of a bigger whole.

Dream Dancers don’t go along with this need; they work with the Microcosmic Force- It is made up of individual life energy wholes, and network to maintain the Universe and Universes processing physicality

Dream Dancers work in networks or individual choice; they use these networks to see individual truth, and from this learn something within them, and satisfies an aspect, within themselves.

Dream Dancers act in the only way they can act to be true to themselves, and the action needed to be took.

Dream Dancers live and work in this reality, but walk many realities, and are spiritual explorers, as well as, learning how to help those in need of help, to help themselves.

Love of life, and all forms of that life, is built into the Dream Dancer philosophy. This doesn’t mean their blind to the negative side of life, but the negative is brought about by the inhabitants of the physical or mundane reality; we call the Universe, and in a smaller scale- Earth is our planet of origin.

This is true, now, but before, when life began on this planet, Earth, those who came here, did so to pioneer, and/or escape their home planets. They built new societies, and started to learn the ways of this planet, we call Earth, but at this time, it was called Heath, for it was the new home of those from the stars.

Earthlings, one and all, are star people; whether they know this or not. They have bodies made from star energy and matter, but more important they have the memory of the birth of social structures on this planet.

There were two main philosophies, at this time- Oneness, where all are aspects of a bigger whole, and individual pioneers, in which, they saw everything as whole within itself, and therefore capable of living in a network Universe, which they themselves was individual in.

This belie,f in the spiritual belief, each of us, is individual, and we are at our best, when we act in the only way we can act to be true to ourselves.

The Macrocosmic people, saw themselves as apart of a bigger, more wise, more capable than themselves whole; thus by giving up that separateness, and joining with this huge supernatural being,, who was the ultimate in wisdom, etc., they themselves, became a cell, in that greatness, and could draw upon its wisdom to live their lives, without having to do it on their own.

All they had to do was give up their psychic energy, so it would join with the Force, figurehead of the one and only, thereby becoming cells within this bigger body, upon which, has members, from across the Universe. This built a complex force, which relied on its members, to be okay, by giving up their psychic/telepathic energies, and to become one, with the overall Force.

They saw themselves as both a recipient of this force, being a cell within its greatness, and as an expression of the Force, for others to see, and who could them join them in oneness, with the Force.

They were giving up self-responsibility, and took on the Force responsibility, where all they had to do, was follow the party line, and worship the whole of the Force, and they would be taken care of, and would survive after death, in astral planes, built and maintain by one person, then when others join this created reality, they, too, would keep the original creation, in top working order, by doing this, they, also, keep themselves in order, to the vibration of this astral plane reality, and therefore were welcomed to stay, and be within this reality.

Macrocosmic realities are alive and well, in today’s world: governments, religions, beliefs, etc., all which entice the person to give up their psychic/telepathic energies, and give it over to the Force, thus maintaining the idea behind the Force reality, and by this, the Force, itself.

Dream Dancing sees this, as simply, another power play, to get individuals to give up their energies, thus being able to draw upon the Force, as long as you believed in it, and did not question it, or did what it says; you know this, by the flow of energy, within you,, coming to you from outside, and the whole of the Force. If you did not, see things the same way as the Force, then this energy flow was and is cut off. You’re left stranded, in how to live you life, deal with problems, take care of yourself, and live your life spiritually.

Dream Dancing, breaks up this false view, and need, to be apart of a bigger whole, so the Dream Dancer is totally self-responsible, and takes full responsibility for his/her/its actions.

Dream Dancers are mystical, spiritual, true actioneers, who see the world, and the Universe, as a network of individual wholes, interacting with each other, and giving the information needed, through self-expression, self-discover, and living life, through: helping, sharing, seeing, knowing, and a commitment to themselves, to live their lives, as Dream Dancers.

May the Microcosmic Force, be with you here and now!

# 59 Feelings

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; OutRyder )

The most important skill, you have to learn, to be self-sufficient , is knowing how to work, to listen, and to act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself. The only way you can know this is by trusting your feelings.

Feelings don’t work in questions; they work only in answers. This means you’re within your feelings, at all times; your mind is subservient, to your feelings, on the one hand, and a necessary aspect of your feelings, on the other.

What do I mean by this? Feelings and mental sight, with physical knowing within your bodymind,feelings,  utilize, the mind- the mental, as: 1. a visual experience of what is going on around you, 2. it helps put up a meaning for what you see, 3. it weighs in on what it feels is going on, but feelings, trust their own answers, but they do listen to the mind, but only to show it, that it is feelings to, by trusting the total package of feelings of the bodymind, human and beyond, 4. categorical listing and keeping record, of what is seen, choices made,and sometimes, how the choices play out.

In other words, mind, mental activity, can be feelings, or at least, an aspect of it, if it is trained to be within the wholeness, the total choice,, by doing the only act you can do to be true to yourself.

Feelings are the spirit working through your senses, to feel what’s right for you to do, to act upon, with direct activity.

However, the spirit, is the one who set up your life, with rose-colored glasses, where it sees you more capable, than you actually are, or turns a head to the fact, in this area, you’re the best, for you.

Life, anyone’s life, works best, when they trust their feelings, but what is trust, in the way we’re talking about it, for feelings, to listen to them, and to trust their answer, as the best one possible, and many times, the only one, which allows you, or anyone, to come out of the situation, seeing yourself, doing the best you can do, for you trusted your feelings. and acted in the only way you can- to be true to yourself.

Truth is individual listening to your feelings, and acting out of the trust you have for your feelings, and doing the best thing, for themselves, and by doing this- opening a door, for others,, to see the only act they can do to be true to themselves.

In this sense, we choose to work with others,, by not working with them, and allowing them to see the truth of you, and what you do, so they can use this to do the same, within themselves.

Microcosmic Force, only acts in feelings, to act in the only way it can to be true to itself, and by doing this, it gives us the greatest gift of all-, the way, the seeing, the sharing of truth, thereby we can see it in ourselves, so we act in individual truth, as well.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

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