Training- Areas of work with the Microcosmic Force

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

Jedi- those persons, who want to know the heart of the Microcosmic Force, but haven’t made up their minds, or haven’t the want to go further into the Mysteries of the Microcosmic Force.

Jedi Enlightners- the spiritual leaders of EnviroRadiance, they are the ones who guide the Jedi, and work with the Jedi Knights, Dream Dancers and Rowdies Rangers.

Jedi Knights- are those who want to become full fledge Jedi, and work beside Rowdies Rangers, in protecting the world and other primitives across the Universe.

Dream Dancers are those who follow the Microcosmic Force, and are the living embodiment of Self-Genesis, and the Way of Dream Dancing.

Jedi Intermediaries- are those who help the Jedi Enlightner, in all things to do with the spiritual and the mundane of running the fellowhips. They are leaders under Jedi Enlightners, in a limited, but necessary capacity.

Jedi Suns- they are those of the jedi intermediaries, who are given more responsibility, and may or may not be working to become Jedi Enlightners.

Jedi Pioneers- are those who join the Jedi, and are of the ones who utilize the Microcosmic Force, to live their lives.

Jedi Insighters- these are Jedi, who are psychic, and who work with the Jedi, and those who come to services, or write to the Jedi, wanting spiritual and psychic, etc., help.

Jedi Professors- are educated and life educated Jedi, who want to teach others in a mutually satisfying environment.

Jedi Fellows- are those who receive a fellowship, and go further in their educational dreams and work.

Jedi Admin- handle all the business end of the Jedi fellowships, etc..

Jedi Station Masters- are those Jedi, who tend to, and make ready stations, for Jedi, Jedi Knights, Dream Dancers, and Rowdies Rangers, in an inn-like presence.

Jedi Echelon- Are spiritual journeyers, who are on their way to spiritual attainment, and do so under the auspices of the Jedi Council, or The Way Listener, or those who work with him or her.

Jedi Messengers- are those who work at the communication with all ops within Enviroradiance.

Jedi Council- persons who work to bring the Jedi way to any and all who want to learn, and are the consultants to the Way Listener.

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